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A Modest Proposal for Curbing Senseless Tragedies

A Modest Proposal for Curbing Senseless Tragedies

We’ve grown numb as a nation to the tragedies on a college campus in Virginia, a movie theater in Colorado, bucolic Newtown, Conn., and now at the Boston Marathon. When will it stop? we plead. 

It won’t. There are too many insane people who have access to dangerous weapons. The odds of it stopping or even slowing down are not good.

But we are not helpless. The media can play a part in helping to lower the rate of these incidents of senseless violence and murder sprees. Journalists don’t have to name the perpetrators in print or on the air. I put forth the notion that these crazed people ant the notoriety that comes in being so widely vilified. All they want is the fame.In their twisted minds, this momentary, fleeting fame lasts a lifetime and they can go down in history with the other crazies who have killed lots of people for no good reason.

These people can’t achieve anything in decent society so they want to hurt the rest of us. 

But the media industry can thwart them. Yes, it’s “news” to know and identify who committed a major crime. The public does, indeed, have a right to know. At the same time, the media have a responsibility to our society not to give them the satisfaction.

Every little bit helps.

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