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Amanda Knox: 5 Questions ABC’s Diane Sawyer Should Ask Her

Amanda Knox: 5 Questions ABC's Diane Sawyer Should Ask Her

Amanda Knox is America’s most intriguing bad girl since Amy Fisher  — or should that be the most fascinating one since Patty Hearst?

ABC (DIS) will show Diane Sawyer’s interview with Knox on Tuesday night at 10:00, Eastern, and no doubt America will be fascinated to see what Knox will have to say. 

Her widely reported case has it all — overtones of sex, allegations of murder, a foreign misadventure. And at the center is Knox, who is regarded as everything from a victim of police bungling to a temptress. 

The case remains a fascinating bit of legal theater. The Associated Press has pointed out: “In March, Italy’s highest criminal court overturned Knox’s acquittal in the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher and ordered a new trial for Knox, 25. Italian law cannot compel Knox to return for the new legal proceeding.”

Since she returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2011, Knox has kept a low profile and is now studying at the University of Washington. Her memoir, Waiting to Be Heard,” was published on April 30.

The televised interview will be riveting for many viewers because America will want to gain clues as to whether Knox is actually innocent or guilty. Who can say? Maybe we’ll never really know the ruth about what happened — and that makes the prospect of the interview even juicier.

Knox has everything that television craves in an interview subject. She is telegenic. She is engaging. She radiates both a childlike innocence and a hardened danger. 

Knox said what happened to her was “surreal but it could have happened to anyone.”

The Associated Press reports that Knox told Sawyer: “I want the truth to come out. I’d like to be reconsidered as a person.”

Knox told Sawyer that the court’s verdict was “incredibly painful.”

But is Knox a heroine or a villain?

Sawyer is an old hand at conducting interviews with provocative newsmakers. This is a major coup for her and ABC. She’ll comport herself like a pro. 

But I’l be curious to see if Sawyer asks Knox these five questions?

1) Who killed Meredith Kercher?

2) What would you want to tell Meredith’s grieving family?

3) Do you feel that you are entitled now to live a life of fame and fortune?

4) Do you feel a shred of guilt or responsibility over what happened?

5) Where do you see your life taking you in 10 years?

MEDIA MATRIX QUESTION OF THE DAY: What questions would you want Diane Sawyer to ask Amanda Knox?

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