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Donald Trump’s Secrets to Uber-Success

Donald Trump's Secrets to Uber-Success

Who is the real Donald Trump? Self-created reality television impresario? Hotel baron? Real estate tycoon? Sex symbol? Political mover and shaker? World-class self-promoter?

Above all, Trump was, is and probably will continue to be a media phenomenon. You may hate him. You may dread him.You may actually fear him. But you can’t ignore him. And that is the secret to his long-lasting fame. That is what Trump does so skillfully. Play the part of Donald Trump.

And, more to the point, why has Trump remained so successful at staying in our lives all through these years? Long after the women faded to the background and the controversies went away, Trump has continued to be a presence in society and popular culture.

He, in his usual humble way, gave us another answer Sunday when he tweeted: I know that some of you may think I’m tough and harsh but actually I’m a very compassionate person (with a very high IQ) with strong common sense.”

Who cares? Media outlets do. that is for sure. The Trump tweet got considerable press attention for one reason: It was Trump who said it. Plus, he spoke about his favorite subject: Donald Trump. If the man has one aspect of genius, it is his ability to keep America hooked on the ongoing saga of Donald Trump.

True, Trump’s image has taken a beating lately, what with his diatribes against President Barack Obama sounding much more shrill than probing. He sounds cranky and silly. But Trump even exploits that situation to remain in our lives. If your neighbor said the same stuff about the president, you’d shrug and not give it a second thought. But when Donald Trump shoots his mouth off, it is news.

What Trump has done so shrewdly is something that any aspiring anything can learn from. He has created a durable brand called Donald Trump. It has multiple entry points for the outside world to ponder (see the first paragraph of this story). It is often making provocative, if disposable, news.It never sits still.

The media today don’t have time to invest in finding something new. They’d prefer to keep throwing out there people like the Donald because they know there will be an audience for his self-serving antics and endless pronouncements. 

If you want to be famous for a long time, just be like him. The media will stick with you all the way.

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