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Game of Thrones: I Guess I AM Too Dumb to Love This Show

Game of Thrones: I Guess I AM Too Dumb to Love This Show

A few days ago, I asked in a blog post whether I was too smart or too dumb to love Game of Thrones, the HBO vikings hit.

This is the link:

Lots of my friends, whose pop-culture tastes are sophisticated, have raved about Game of Thrones. I was curiosity to grasp the hubbub so I started watching. I glanced at it off and on because I couldn’t make it through an entire broadcast. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t follow the action — I had the same problem with HBO’s True Blood, too, but I hung in and enjoyed the show’s originality. 

But Game of Thrones struck me as a kind of silly excuse for a costume drama, a period piece about vikings and exhibits of very strategic nudity.

I know, I know — it’s my fault. I’m clearly missing something.

I invited readers to send me their comments about whether I was, in fact, too dumb to get it. As it turns out, the consensus is that I am, indeed, too dumb to enjoy the show. To quote the title of my favorite Warren Zevon song, poor, poor pitiful me.(Come to think of it, I bet the late, great Warren would love this show).

One person wrote in the comments section that I was as “dumb as shit” (clever wordplay). Another said I was “so stupid.” A third suggested that I had written a screed worthy of no more than a “Facebook rant” (now, that one hurt). Finally, a fan urged me to “to wake up and read a book.”

Fair enough.

I’ll keep watching Game of Thrones, and I promise to keep you all informed of the progress I’m making.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go check out Facebook. Then I’m going to read a book.

MEDIA MATRIX QUESTION OF THE DAY: Again, I ask you, folks, to tell me what I am missing about the appeal of Game of Thrones? 

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