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Larry David, Won’t You Please Come Home?

Larry David, Won't You Please Come Home?

For us diehard fans of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, the wait is excruciating by now. We want to see new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And we want them now.

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting them too soon. Larry David, the comedy genius behind the show, has been busy with a movie project and his, um, enthusiasm, for the exquisite torture of writing 10 brand new TV episodes built around a slice-of-life theme has probably taken a hiatus, just like the wonderful comedy show.

To recap, Larry has spent whole seasons discussing a new show with television executives, whom he eventually infuriates after accusing one from HBO of stealing some pieces of shrimp in his Chinese takeout container and another from ABC (and his wife, played wonderfully by Rita Wilson) by decapitating their young daughter’s beloved Judy doll; opening a hip, vanity restaurant; trying to score with a woman outside of his marriage while improbably starring on Broadway in The Producers; finding out if he had been adopted at birth; taking care of a black family who had been displaced by Hurricane Katrina (introducing the hilarious character of Leon to the audience); having his wife Cheryl walk out on him after he kept her on hold to talk to the cable guy while the airplane she was a passenger on was in danger of crashing; contriving a Seinfeld reunion show (as a ruse to get Cheryl back), and finally, moving to New York for a few weeks to get out of having to appear at a charity event in LA.

Is it any wonder that I love this show?!

I last saw Larry David in person a few months ago when he appeared at an event at the 92Y on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Comedians and stand-up comics, including the wondrous Andy Borowitz and John Fugelsang, had gathered to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. It was a lovely evening. When Larry stepped foot in the press area, one notably pushy guy (yes, it was me) beseeched him by calling out hopefully: “Larry, when will we see Curb again?”

He started to answer then thought better of it. Without saying a word, he walked out. I would have expected nothing more or less.

That wasn’t nearly my first or favorite encounter with my favorite TV star. Keep reading this space to find out what it was.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What plot line do you think a new season of Curb could follow for 10 episodes?

Feel free to answer in this space.      

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