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On The Stupid Men/Beautiful Women Hollywood Movie Cliche…

On The Stupid Men/Beautiful Women Hollywood Movie Cliche...

If I see another film in which some pathetic excuse for a man is shown being suckered into doing something by a woman we could say is so clearly out of his league, I’m going to throw a shoe at the screen as if it was George Bush, and I was an Iraqi journalist!

We’ve seen it happen far too many times that it’s such a cliche now. You know what I’m talking about: the Johnny-boy security guard who’s approached by the stunning blond, as she flirts with him, making him believe that she’s actually interested in him, when what she’s really trying to do is distract him, in order to get to whatever it is that he’s supposed to be guarding; or the douche in the bar or club who is lured into a dark corner by some buxom beauty, with promises of a little sexual healing, only to later find out that he’s actually going to be her dinner for the evening, as she bites his head off, or sinks her teeth into his neck, because she’s really a beast in disguise; or the Jo-schmo who answers a knock on his hotel room door to find 2 scantily-clad delights, smiling back at him, convincing him to let them in (although not much convincing is required), claiming to want to fulfill his every desire, only to later find out that they were paid by someone else to “perform,” for a specific purpose.

I’m a man, and like most heterosexual men, I can be a sucker for a beautiful woman. However, I’m also not that stupid. 

I’ve seen enough movies to know that if some Playboy bunny-type approaches me in a bar, club, or on the street, and is being overtly lustful with me, or is oddly easily receptive to my advances, I’ll be instantly suspicious of her motives. What does she really want from me? What do I have that she might need? Is she really a vampire, or werewolf, trying to lure me so that she can drain my blood, or eat me? Is she part of some larger group that wants me dead, and she’s the bait I’m supposed to take? Did someone pay her to do this? You know, questions like that (Insert smiley face and wink here).

Color me cynical, but I’m not just going to roll over like an idiot, thinking with the wrong head, only to find myself knee-deep in some shit later on that could be disastrous to my health!

Obviously I’m being somewhat facetious, but seriously, when I watch scenes like any of the above, I’m insulted as a man! And I actually find myself getting annoyed, yelling back at the screen: “Come on man! Look at yourself, and look at her! Why on earth do you think that, realistically, she would actually have any genuine interest in you at all? Especially if you’ve never met, and she suddenly wants to “twirl your toes.” How stupid can you be?”

Yes, these are just movies, but they are in some ways reflective of reality. Are men supposed to that easily controlled in real-life?

I know it’s the 21st century, and women are said to be much more aggressive these days, but, homey, most are not. Stop being such a knuckle-dragger, and use the head that sits on your neck. If movies were at all reflective of real life, doing so just might ensure that you’ll not lose your job, your life’s worth, or, dare I say, even your life!

And maybe we’ll get much fewer of those kinds of scenes in movies, which are oh-so stale now (… that being the main point of this piece)…

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