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Pam Grier Is Playing Assassins In 2 Upcoming Feature Projects (One w/ Olympia Dukakis)

Pam Grier Is Playing Assassins In 2 Upcoming Feature Projects (One w/ Olympia Dukakis)

The interview itself is certainly worth listening to, so you don’t have to skip ahead to the key few minutes when she talks about what projects she’s currently attached to star in.

It’s part of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s film series, Foxy, The Complete Pam Grier, a retrospective of all her films, which took place 2 weekends ago here in NYC. Grier herself was present for several of the screenings, after which she sat with a moderator for a Q&A session. I encourage you to watch them all. Just go to the Film Society’s YouTube channel and you’ll find most of them. 

The below embed features the Q&A session that followed the screening of Coffy, which Warrington Hudlin moderated.

They don’t discuss the film for very long, and instead spend more time chatting about Grier’s place as a woman in cinema who broke ground in the early 1970s when she first got into the business, as well as how roles for women have shifted since then. That made the Q&A all-the-more interesting, so check it out.

At the tale-end of the 30-minute conversation, Hudlin asks what’s next for Grier, and she states that she’s attached to 2 feature film projects, playing assassins in both of them, even though they aren’t connected in any way.

She doesn’t give much information away, other than saying that in one of them, she’ll be starring alongside Olympia Dukakis, and it’s titled The Blue Rinse Killers. Intrigued, I did some digging, and, luckily, I found a listing for the film, which, I learned, is being directed by a Thom Fitzgerald, whose resume includes several low-budget straight-to-video genre films that I’m not familiar with (although a few did see limited theatrical releases).

Its logline says it tells the story of 3 elderly women who are enlisted by a mob boss as his “hit-women.”

Dukakis and Grier are probably playing 2 of those 3 hit-women. No word on who the 3rd woman will be.

It’s described as an action-comedy, and Grier says it’ll shoot next month.

As for the second project she mentions, she’ll also be playing an assassin, and she gives even less information about it, only saying that it’s a film by young British filmmakers whom she compares to Quentin Tarantino, and seemed very excited about it. 

She doesn’t provide enough information for me to use to search in order to learn more about the project (she says it’ll shoot in July), but I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any news on it, as well as The Blue Rinse Killers.

In the meantime, watch her post-Coffy screening conversation with Hudlin below:

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