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Rosario Dawson Gives Some Real Talk on the Reality for Actresses

Rosario Dawson Gives Some Real Talk on the Reality for Actresses

In a recent interview, Rosario Dawson gave some honest talk about the disturbing reality of being an actress in Hollywood. She says she’s come to meetings with producers with them looking at pictures of actresses on websites for so-called inspiration. However, if those pictures aren’t inspiring enough, Dawson says that an actress might not get hired.

I’ve heard from a friend of mine about this actress who is really one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet. And she almost lost a huge job because suddenly the head of the studio got freaked out that she had a bad paparazzi photo out there. And you’re like, ‘Are you serious?’ That’s just crazy. And she was great in the role and luckily this producer got talked off the ledge.

When she was younger, Dawson covered herself up, not wanting to get anything on the basis of her body. While she has relaxed that decision, she feels that the scrutiny for younger actresses is even worse than when she started in the business.

I feel bad for younger actresses coming in. I think the scrutiny is actually much worse than it was when I was younger and I was trying to rebel against it. I’m glad people talk about it and I try to bring it up, because I think it’s really wrong and it would be great for that to change. 

Dawson also spoke about how many famous women are afraid to attach themselves to a feminist label. While Dawson understands the hesitation, she thinks that women’s rights are something to be championed.

Women themselves are sometimes afraid to attach themselves to feminism, because they’re afraid of what that could mean for them. The whole conversation’s changing. It’s not feminism of the past it’s what’s happening now. It’s not even necessarily just feminism, it’s just reality. It’s how we’re treating each other and what we’re acknowledging something or not. And just because you don’t acknowledge something doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

It’s so great having an actress like Dawson out there who isn’t afraid of standing up for women’s rights and is willing to talk about the ugly truths of the industry. Because the more that those stories are told, the more potential there will be for change. 

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