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Why Won’t That Story About Sophia Stewart And Her ‘Matrix’ Lawsuit Die?

Why Won't That Story About Sophia Stewart And Her 'Matrix' Lawsuit Die?

HERE WE GO AGAIN! I wrote about this during the early days of S &
A, and more recently, so did Andre Seewood in Dec. 2011 (HERE), but yet… and yet… it just refuses to die.
Even right now, at this very moment, it still lives.

It’s like Dracula who keeps rising from the grave, no
matter how many times you drive a stake through his heart. But I’m not talking
about Christopher Lee, instead it’s Sophia Stewart and her Matrix lawsuit victory.

Except that there wasn’t any victory and there won’t be

But don’t tell that to some people. Many still steadfastly
believe that, according to a newspaper article – the same exact one that’s been circulating for years now – that Stewart, in October 2004, won a major
multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Wachowskis,
producer Joel SilverWarner Bros, Village Roadshow Entertainment,
James Cameron, and Gale Ann Hurd for copyright infringement and
racketeering, claiming that they stole the concept of The Matrix and the Terminator
films from her, resulting in “one of the biggest payoffs in the history
of Hollywood”.

And the reason why, to this day, the public hasn’t heard
about that case is because of the evil satanic media cabal including film studios,
television and news publishers who have banded together to keep the public from knowing
about the win.

It’s all the more strange, when you consider that Stewart has
to be in the top ten of all-time most known people in the world, thanks to the internet,
just behind Justin Bieber.

Except that it didn’t happen.

Her case was actually thrown out of court back in June 2005, almost 8 years ago, when
Stewart failed to show up in court for a preliminary hearing of her case. And
in a 53-page ruling, the judge dismissed her case, stating that Stewart and her
lawyers failed to prove her case.

Despite Stewart claiming that she wasn’t going to quit
and would try again, very little has been heard of her since, except
for the little known news item that she, in turn, sued her lawyers for millions of
dollars, claiming they purposely lost her case because they were in cahoots with
that very same evil, satanic media cabal.

Yet the story that she won, still breathes. Just a month ago, I was being bombarded by people asking if I’d heard about Stewart winning her
case. And then, in the past few days, I’ve been bombarded again, in e-mails and Facebook
postings about that very same news article which was published in mid-February
on an online news site called The
African Globe
.and which circulated from there.

For the longest time, I suspected that Stewart herself actually
wrote a fake newspaper article and posted it on-line to bolster her claim. But
it turns out that it was an actual newspaper article written by a Salt Lake Community College second year journalist student for
the school‘s paper, about Stewart.

Unfortunately the student, who knows next to nothing
about the law, mistook a true claim by Stewart
that she had won a motion against an earlier dismissal of her suit in court, for
actually winning her case.

In fact shortly afterwards, the paper published a correction
stating that the previous article had been “misleading” but it was too late. The internet grabbed ahold of the first article and refused to let it go. And of course, Stewart rode with it
since the article is still being reprinted and read all around the world, some 8
and half years later.

But why won’t it die? Simple. Because people want to believe it SO MUCH.

O.K. I get it. I
understand. The idea of this lone black woman going up against the ruthless and
faceless powers-that-be in their glass towers, and winning is just too irresistable to ignore.

We know that we (black people) are ignored all the time by the media (“Oh
great, another missing little blond white girl on the Today Show”
); Black
people distrust the media and its lies, so finally here’s someone who fought back
against them and won.

We tightly hold on to the belief that everything we have
and created was stolen by white people. But
If I had a dime for every idea, song, story, screenplay ,comic book, and
invention etc. that a black person told me was stolen by white people, I would
be a millionaire (And remember I’m taking about dimes).

I even had an uncle who would always claim that the storyline
for a Disney film was stolen from him. Couldn’t say exactly when or how it was done,
but somehow they did it.

However, Stewart’s story showed that, even once in a
while, we can be victorious; That we cannot be ignored anymore.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re going to have
to face reality folks. Yes, it’s a nice inspiring story, but IT’S…NOT…TRUE!

And logically, think about it. If she had actually won her
case, it would have been a major news story all around the world in all the
media, evil satanic cabal or not, and not some internet story passed around, e-mail by e-mail, or rumor by rumor, buzzed in someone’s ear at some party.

And yet despite what I and Seewood have said, and all
the other articles revealing the truth, I guarantee you that there are many people
who will refuse to listen, and will steadfastly believe that Stewart won her
case, and that there’s a controversy to keep it quiet.

I think all those people should get together with all those
other people who still believe that President Obama is a radical Muslim terrorist from Kenya, and go have a party somewhere.

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