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S&A ‘Scandal’ Recap – ‘You’re All I Need To Get By’ And Then It Was Over…

S&A 'Scandal' Recap - 'You're All I Need To Get By' And Then It Was Over...

Last night’s “Scandal” was a game-changer and felt very much like a season finale despite the fact that we have two more episodes.  Shonda even gave us a bit more humor to add to the suspense.  What more does she have in store for us?

Let’s start with Olivia Pope & Associates’ investigation of Charlie.  Huck emerges to help the crew out with a bit of humor: 

“That’s Charlie.” 

“How do you know?”

“That’s his ear.”  

Huck tells us that Charlie is good and he doesn’t make mistakes.  So, I wasn’t surprised to find out he didn’t join the book club because of his interest in literature.  Once we find out that Charlie is after the Defiance information it eases all fears that Cyrus is the mole.  But given this information one has to wonder what Charlie is up to?  Especially, when we see him sitting in Captain Ballard’s apartment where he can easily be identified.  He definitely wanted Jake to know who he was.  Is Charlie working from someone else?  Does Charlie have his own axe to grind?  We found out last episode that he is linked to Joe Morton’s character and that he broke more than a few rules during the Huck mission.   So many possibilities for this story line.

I thought Cyrus might pass-out from some stress related ailment the whole episode.  He had quite a lot to deal with.  He was busy using every tool in his toolbox to try to get Mellie and the President to come to a cease-fire.  

In the middle of it all James announces that he has been offered a television job with BNC.  He had so much on his plate he didn’t even have time or the wherewithal to put the kibosh on it.  But this little lapse in his façade actually healed the rift in his marriage.  At least for the moment.  

The quote from James was priceless when asked if the marriage was okay; he replied, “Why wouldn’t it be? You gave me what I wanted.”  

Cyrus takes this revelation to the President who sent him packing earlier, instructing him to clue Mellie in on the finer points of mutually assured destruction.  But when Cyrus presents his deal to Mellie, appealing to her ambition and offering her a political career in exchange for her blind eye, Mellie let’s Cyrus know, “Olivia Pope just left my husband’s office.  I have as many friends over there as you do.  I want what I asked for.”  

Mellie was not playing around, and when President Grant takes Cyrus’ advice and ends up at Olivia’s, she did what I don’t think anyone expected, she told the world about the President’s extramarital activities.  

Which brings us to Olivia and President Grant’s relationship.  At the beginning of the episode, Olivia was still livid and being “protected” by Ballard despite all efforts to make it cease.  So when the President forces Olivia to come to the white house and Olivia literally and figuratively took the gloves off, I thought: “finally she does what she should have done a long time ago.”  

Another priceless quote in this episode this time from Olivia: “ . . . I am not a fantasy!  If you want me, earn me!”  

I’m usually on Facebook while watching and that quote set my feed on fire!  

Meanwhile, Captain Ballard catches a break when he and Cyrus face off for the first time.  The Captain takes this one, but we all know not to count Cyrus out.  

Olivia appears to be literally and figuratively letting him in and he wastes no time working the angles.  So when he poses the question, “How deep are you in with him?” regarding President Grant, I thought “oh boy.”  

When he presses and she kisses him, but he doesn’t take the hint, she says, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” I thought “that’s my girl.”  She seemed to be handling both men in her life.  

Sometimes I can hardly take her weaknesses, but if she didn’t have these weaknesses, we wouldn’t have a show I guess.  

Moving on . . . President Grant arrives at her house, gives his big speech and the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell classic “You are all I need to get by” starts playing, and I am sure we all knew it was over.  I know I am in the minority camp for not loving this relationship.  I couldn’t help thinking of that scene from “Psycho,” when they were in the shower, because while they were busy getting busy, Mellie laid down her cards and was bludgeoning them both.  Figuratively of course.

The last little detail is the business with the Mole in President Grant’s administration.  Most of the episode we are lead to believe that Cyrus is the mole.  But unless Cyrus is somehow connected to Joe Morton’s character, and we don’t know about it yet, we shouldn’t have that concern.  But if anyone thought he might actually be the mole, those fears should have quickly gone away when Captain Ballard talks to Joe Morton’s character about Cyrus knowing too much about his mission.  

As usual, we are left with a lot of questions.  What will President Grant do when he finds out that Mellie called his bluff?  What will Olivia do to fix this situation now that she is her own client?  What’s up with Charlie?  If Cyrus wasn’t the mole, what was Cyrus planning to do to Olivia?  What is Captain Ballard’s next move?  How will his feelings for Olivia affect those decisions?

We know from the preview that Olivia will be, at least, pondering the question, “What is your end game,” and that Huck thinks he knows who the mole is.  

With two more episodes left what are your predictions?

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