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Film Society of Lincoln Center Announces Full Lineup for Jean-Luc Godard Retrospective

Film Society of Lincoln Center Announces Full Lineup for Jean-Luc Godard Retrospective

After announcing the retrospective a week and a half ago, the Film Society of Lincoln Center has just gone on to unveil the full lineup of works, offering an astonishingly comprehensive collection of the French auteur’s five-decade career, which began in 1960 with a little film called “Breathless,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

From October 9 through October 30, FSLC is giving you the opportunity to get extremely acquainted with that history. In addition to his iconic works from the 1960’s like “Contempt” and “Vivre Sa Vie,” the three-week program also encompasses Godard’s various array of short films as well as his foray into digital video during the 1980’s, with some of these works being well near impossible to find. For Godard fans, and even for fans of cinema in general, this program is pretty much imperative.

The full schedule is posted below. For more information you can check out the program’s official page on the Film Society of Lincoln Center website.

Public Screening Schedule

Screening Venues:
The Film Society of Lincoln Center
Walter Reade Theater, 165 West 65th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam
Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, 144 West 65th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam
Wednesday, October 9
6:00PM          HAIL MARY (72min) + THE BOOK OF MARY (25min) + NOTES ON HAIL MARY (20min) (WRT)
9:00PM          ALPHAVILLE (99min) (WRT)
Thursday, October 10
6:15PM          WEEKEND (105min) (WRT)
Friday, October 11
3:30PM          WEEKEND (105min) (WRT)
6:00PM          FOR EVER MOZART (85min) (WRT)
Saturday, October 12
12:30PM        HAIL MARY (72min) + THE BOOK OF MARY (25min) + NOTES ON HAIL MARY (20min) (WRT)
3:30PM          FOR EVER MOZART (85min) (WRT)
Sunday, October 13
No Godard screenings
Monday, October 14
1:00PM          EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF (87min) (WRT)
3:00PM          PIERROT LE FOU (110min) (WRT)
5:30PM          TOUT VA BIEN (96min) + LETTER TO JANE (52min) (EBM)
6:00PM          Shorts Program 1 (152min) (EBM)
8:30PM          NUMÉRO DEUX (88min) (EBM)
9:00PM          SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (100min) (EBM)
Tuesday, October 15
1:00PM          PIERROT LE FOU (110min) (WRT)
1:00PM          FIRST NAME: CARMEN (85min)+ ARMIDE (11min) (EBM)
2:00PM          LA GAI SAVOIR (95min) + CINE-TRACTS (40min) (EBM)
3:15PM          TOUT VA BIEN (96min) + LETTER TO JANE (52min) (EBM)
3:20PM          IN PRAISE OF LOVE (97min) (WRT)
5:00PM          EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF (87min) (EBM)
5:30PM          PASSION (88min) (WRT)
7:15PM          VLADIMIR AND ROSA (92min) (EBM)
7:30PM          A MARRIED WOMAN (94min) (EBM)
9:00PM          FIRST NAME: CARMEN (85min)+ ARMIDE (11min) (EBM)
9:15PM          FILM SOCIALISME (102min) (EBM)
9:30PM          BREATHLESS (90min) (WRT)
Wednesday, October 16
2:15PM          NUMERO DEUX (88min) (EBM)
2:30PM          PASSION (88min) (WRT)
4:15PM          SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (100min) (EBM)
4:30PM          IN PRAISE OF LOVE (97min) (EBM)
6:30PM          COMMENT CA VA + Shorts (90min) (EBM)
8:30PM          LE GAI SAVOIR (95min) + CINE-TRACTS (40min) (EBM)
9:30PM          A MARRIED WOMAN (94min) (EBM)
Thursday, October 17
1:00PM          A WOMAN IS A WOMAN (84min) (WRT)
2:15PM          UN FILM COMME LES AUTRES (108min) (EBM)
3:00PM          NOUVELLE VAGUE (89min) (WRT)
4:45PM          WIND FROM THE EAST (100min) (EBM)
7:00PM          STRUGGLE IN ITALY (62min) + HERE AND THERE (60min) (EBM)
9:30PM          LES CARABINIERS (80min) (EBM)
Friday, October 18
1:00PM          NOUVELLE VAGUE (89min) (EBM)
3:00PM          LES CARABINERS (80min) (EBM)
5:00PM          JLG/JLG (62min) + GERMANY YEAR ZERO (62min) (EBM)
7:40PM          BAND OF OUTSIDERS (95min) (EBM)
9:45PM          VIVRE SA VIE (85min) (EBM)
Saturday, October 19
1:00PM          TBA (EBM)
1:30PM          JLG/JLG (62min) + GERMANY YEAR ZERO (62min) (EBM)
4:00PM          DETECTIVE (95min) + SOFT AND HARD (52min) (EBM)
7:00PM          LA CHINOISE (96min) (EBM)
9:10PM          MASCULIN FEMININ (110min) (EBM)
Sunday, October 20
1:00PM          TBA (EBM)
2:00PM          Early Shorts (88min) (EBM)
4:00PM          HELAS POUR MOI (95min) (EBM)
6:15PM          LA CHINOISE (96min) (EBM)
8:30PM          60s Shorts (120min) (EBM)
Monday, October 21
2:00PM          DETECTIVE (95min) + SOFT AND HARD (52min) (EBM)
5:00PM          VIVRE SA VIE (85min) (EBM)
7:00PM          Trailer Program (60min) (EBM)
8:45PM          CONTEMPT (102min) (EBM)
Tuesday, October 22
6:15PM          GRANDEUR AND DECADENCE (91min) (EBM)
8:15PM          Shorts Program 2 (109min) (EBM)
Wednesday, October 23
1:30PM          GRANDEUR AND DECADENCE (91min) (EBM)
3:30PM          Shorts Program 2 (109min) (EBM)
6:30PM          BRITISH SOUNDS (52min) + PRAVDA (58min) (EBM)
8:45PM          Shorts Program 1 (152min) (EBM)
Thursday, October 24
1:00PM          FRANCE/TOUR/DETOUR/DEUX ENFANTS (312min) (w/10 min intermission) (EBM)
7:15PM          HISTOIRE(S) DU CINEMA (266min) (EBM)
Friday, October 25
1:15PM          KEEP YOUR RIGHT UP (82min) (EBM)
3:15PM          HELAS POUR MOI (95min) (EBM)
5:15PM          KING LEAR (90min) (EBM)
7:30PM          2 OR 3 THINGS I KNOW ABOUT HER (87min) (EBM)
9:30PM          MADE IN U.S.A. (90min) (EBM)
Saturday, October 26
12:00PM        SIX FOIS DEUX Part 1 (300min) (w/15min intermission) (EBM)
6:00PM          SIX FOIS DEUX part 2 (300min) (w/15min intermission) (EBM)
Sunday, October 27
1:45PM          LE PETIT SOLDAT (88min) (EBM)
3:45PM          NÔTRE MUSIQUE (80min) (EBM)
5:30PM          FILM SOCIALISME (102min) (EBM)
7:45PM          KING LEAR (90min) (EBM)
9:45PM          KEEP YOUR RIGHT UP (82min) (EBM)
Monday, October 28
12:00PM        SIX FOIS DEUX Part 1 (300min) (w/15min intermission) (EBM)
6:00PM          SIX FOIS DEUX part 2 (300min) (w/15min intermission) (EBM)
Tuesday, October 29
6:00PM          FRANCE/TOUR/DETOUR/DEUX ENFANTS (312min) (w/10 min intermission) (EBM)
Wednesday, October 30
5:00PM          NÔTRE MUSIQUE (80min) (EBM)
7:00PM          HISTOIRE(S) DU CINEMA (266min) (EBM)

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