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Immersed in Movies: Clowning Around With the Cast of ‘Cloudy 2’

Immersed in Movies: Clowning Around With the Cast of 'Cloudy 2'

It wasn’t exactly a verbal food fight, but Sunday’s press conference for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills with voice talent Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Andy Samberg, and Terry Crews kept the journos in stitches. In fact, directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn could hardly get a word in edgewise.

Hader is back as nerdy scientist, Flint Lockwood, with Faris and Samberg reprising their roles as meteorological girlfriend, Sam, and the fast food promoter in a chicken suit, Brent. Meanwhile, Crews replaces Mr. T as former cop Earl.

In the sequel, Flint’s food machine starts creating an odd assortment of foodimals (from Cheespiders to Shrimpanzees to Tacodiles), which represent his creative mind spilling over in seemingly monstrous proportions. Samberg called it “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Food.”

For Hader, the hardest part is still coming up with the right sounds. “You’re walking through a pancake bog and so I go, ‘OK,’ and I do it, and they say, ‘Bill, we said pancake bog, this is peanut butter.’ Next, it’s jello and you’re doing mud.”

Crews had a tough enough time stepping into the iconic Mr. T’s shoes without his kids threatening him. “You’d better not mess it up,” he said.

When asked about their favorite food, Faris confessed to having a constant craving for nachos. Hader responded that he craved various breads because it’s not a gluten-free movie. But when asked what food they most desired, Hader quipped that he likes dog. Samberg then jumped in and wondered if he meant eating with his dog. “They’re very delicious,” Hader insisted.

And then Faris mentioned that she was disappointed that they rejected her request for cornicorn, a unicorn made of corn. She said they apparently only wanted real animals. “They taste magically delicious,” Hader said, making a crunching sound.

Cameron finally chimed in to explain that the movie’s about who owns creativity. “The idea that Flint’s food becomes its own thing; we look at that as a natural thing even though it doesn’t make any sense. It’s life creating life.”

Samberg then blurted out that “we wanted to make sure kids understood that it’s not artificial making different kinds of life.” Hader thought they’d “be quoting that for years.”

And how was this experience different with a new set of directors? 
“It’s interesting in that Phil [Lord] and Chris [Miller], who did the first movie, were comedy writers and these guys were in the story department, and are really amazing animators,” Hader noted. “The difference I have [on the sequel] is that you had the funnies but it was also so clear in their mind what it was going to look like. So you would do a line and they would say you’ve got to get a little louder because the camera’s going to come around like this. It was incredibly detailed.”
On the other hand, Hader joked about Lord and Miller not be communicative. “You’d do a line and Chris and Phil would be [in their booth together jabbering away] and come out and say do it again. And we’d do it again and they’d [go back in their booth] and come out and say it was really great and we’d move on. We all read to Cody and we all reacted to him. He’d do all the voices really well and he’d laugh a lot. In fact, they would catch Cody laughing during the take and I’d have to do it again.”
I asked Hader about his busy schedule doing voice work, and he hid in shame and said this is the only movie he’s ever done before admitting that he’s in two upcoming Pixar movies:The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out and just appeared as the villain in DreamWorks’ Turbo. “It’s very cool working on the Pixar movies. It’s pretty fantastic. I love it. The thing is, people always assumes it’s so easy but it is the hardest work I’ve ever done. When I leave, my brain doesn’t work.”

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