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LatinoBuzz: Exclusive Interview with Kate Del Castillo

Kate Del Castillo talks Jules Stewart's 'K-11' and 'La Reina del Sur'

Kate Del Castillo is one of Mexico’s most important actresses and one of the most recognized faces in Latin America. Her imposing presence, both in person
and on stage, her charisma, beauty and her enormous talent and passion for acting has lead her to be one of the rising stars in the Hollywood and Ibero
American film and television industries. We have enjoyed her work in the most important series of American television, shows like ‘C.S.I, Miami, Dallas’,
‘Weeds’ and her many films include American Visa, Bordertown,Bad Guys, Under the Same Moon, The Black Pimpernel, JuliaWithout Men and soon to be released A
Miracle of Spanish Harlem.

She has shared credits with actresses such as Tilda Swinton, Kevin Kline, Mary Louise-Parker, Edward James Olmos, Eva Longoria
and Christian Slater. It was in 2011 where Kate landed in the leading role ‘as Teresa Mendoza’ on the critical acclaimed ‘La Reina del Sur‘ aired
originally on Telemundo in the U.S. which positioned her at the height of her career.

In 2012 the film-director Jules Stewart choose her as ‘Mousey’ in
K-11 which is also one of Kate’s best acting challenges. We had the opportunity to accompany her on a day of shooting in her new movie called ‘Visitors’ a
psychological thriller written and directed by Acan Coen and produced by the Mexican producers Jorge Aragon and Jesus Magaña. In the film, Kate plays Ana
an skeptic surgeon who will try to win back her husband Daniel and her little Sebastián from the curse that has befallen them. Visitors is her comeback as
the star of Mexican Cinema and a genre that she had not ventured before. Del Castillo’s talked with us about this new project set to be released in 2014
and how she continues to strengthen her career.

LatinoBuzz: You said once that you yearned the feeling of the experience of doing something for the first time, now that you are going for the first
time into a new movie genre, how do you feel working in this production?

Very happy, as I said the first time of anything is always a very special feeling. It’s the first time that I work in a genre like this. I’m learning so
much, I’m surprising myself everyday with the things that are happening, the rhythms, a movie like this has a very different kind of rhythm. I’m very happy
and very excited.

LatinoBuzz: What makes this character special to you? What new challenges has it brought to you as an actress?

For me, the script is always the most important thing. When I read the script, I loved it, I spent nearly two years to consolidate this project, you know
cinema sometimes has its delays, but I think it was all worth it, not only because of the story but also because it is a totally different character. Ana
is a surgeon, a pragmatic woman, a very logical woman devoted to science, so what makes this character beautiful is that the perfect structure that Ana had
starts crumbling as things with no logic started to happen, so when she begins to find logic to what’s really happening, her world begins to crumble.
That’s why I loved this character, the character arc is very beautiful.

LatinoBuzz: How do you feel working with your director Acán Coen?

Fine, very happy, it’s very cool to work with a new director, it’s his first film. I like to see that hunger, that urge and that everything that has a new
director I learn so much from everyone. I learn, I learn a lot always.


In the thriller genre there’s a really thin line between being a thriller movie or becoming a comedy, if the thriller isn’t managed well. What should
the audience expect from ‘Visitants’


I think that happens more often with Horror. Visitants, it’s a psychological thriller, so that doesn’t happen with us. Visitants is an important
production, it is a very well done production, there is a lot of money behind the film, the special and visual effects people are wonderful, the director,
the whole team are very professional people who have been working on this for so many years and we are doing something very, very professional, very well
done. There is so much talent in Mexico.

What do you think of Mexican Cinema nowadays? What do you think ‘Visitants’ can contribute to the industry?

First of all, making a movie of this genre is rarely performed in Mexico, so it seems a very appropriate choice, is a genre that has a lot of spectators, a
genre that the audience likes a lot, that sells a lot, it can be a very commercial film and a film that you can take to festivals at the same time too.
Mexican cinema it’s very vast, it comes in all genders, of all qualities too. We have a huge capacity to go on to compete around the world, festivals and
awards around. It is a genre that not everyone dares to enter and that is a dare too. I like challenges, i like that fear you feel for something new and
with a new director, I think it’s very important to always support new projects.

Every day you open yourself more doors in the Anglo market, What’s next? What are your plans?

There are many plans, there are many plans with my agency, we want to do many things. We are closing projects. There comes something very important this
year that I will be able to say later. I’m interested in seeking projects no matter where, no matter if it is in the United States, whether in Chile,
whether in Venezuela. Right now I thank God I have a privileged position where I can afford to choose projects, because I also want to forge a serious and
respectable career for me, not for others. My job is to create myself a career that I can go to sleep satisfied with what I’m doing.

I must confess that I especially like your work in ‘K-11’ your character is impeccable. How was working with the director Jules Stewart?

Jules is an amazing woman who has worked with all the directors you can imagine, the greatest. She has made thousands of movies working like script
supervisor. She had already the entire footage of the movie in her head, we shoot it super fast, she was quite sure what she wanted, everything was amazing
and I loved Mousey my character, it was one of those opportunities that you get a once in a lifetime and I could not miss this one. These are the
characters where you have lots of fun, you get the chance to add them a lot of things and with Jules help, because there’s a very thin line too, right? you
can also can became a comedy if this type of character isn’t managed well. I am very proud of my work, I can not always say the same thing i am very hard
on me, i think it was a job very well done between the two, between Jules and I. Jules is a very charming woman to work with, and is an amazing director, a
director who knows how to talk to actors, knows how to work the actors, she knows perfect her camera movements, she had already the entire footage of the
movie in her head. Incredible.

LatinoBuzz: Do you miss ‘La Reina del Sur‘ and your role as Teresa Mendoza?

Very much, very much. Teresa Mendoza is a really beautiful character that has so many things and also goes through a lot. There are very few times that
life gives you opportunities like this.

Will there be a movie?

Maybe, maybe.

Is there a favorite director with whom you would like to work in the future?

There are many directors I would like to work with. There are many. There are some wonderful spanish filmmakers as Alejandro Amenábar. I love the Coen
Brothers too.

What films have inspired you in your career as an actress?

Many! But one film that fascinates me is ‘Orlando’ because of the work that Tilda Swinton did there, with whom then I had the fortune to work with in the
film ‘Julia’. Orlando is one of the films that inspires you and makes you wanna say: I want to be an actress

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

I do not see myself, I never make plans, I never set goals and I never do that kind of stuff I don’t like to futurize, I barely know what I will do
tomorrow and because there is a working plan here, I’ve never futurized because life always surprises me with things even better.

Mention in three words how would you like the public to remember you:

In three words I can hardly tell you, but I would like to be reminded with a career that has a wide range, that they can say they see me at least different
in each of my roles.

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