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Wonder Woman Fan Film Shows Up Hollywood

Wonder Woman Fan Film Shows Up Hollywood

With superheroes dominating the box office and pop culture landscape, it’s simply astonishing that there hasn’t been a female-lead film added the mix yet.
While Marvel has a dearth of male superheroes at their fingertips, DC’s most famous heroes are arguably Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Yet, only
Wonder Woman doesn’t have her own series or film franchise to call home.

The latest rumors hint at Wonder Woman being a part of the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman, and this is the closest she’s been the silver
screen in years. It’s truly sad that she’d be playing third string to the big boys, and possibly only functioning as a love interest at that.

For some reason, Hollywood just can’t get the Amazonian princess to the screen because she’s “tricky.” They can get countless super-men to work, including
a gun-toting, talking Raccoon, but for some reason she is the “trickiest” one of them all.

We’re at the point where fans are so demanding for a Wonder Woman feature, that Rainfall Productions has created a short film of their own highlighting her
strength, beauty, and more. Without words, this short film has done more for Wonder Woman on screen than Big Hollywood has in the last thirty years.

Watch the fan made Wonder Woman short below:

While it’s just a short, it does at least one major thing that Hollywood hasn’t been able to properly handle – her costume. Her updated superhero costume
is both sexy and strong and fitting with the modern era. Gone is the swimsuit style one-piece of Lynda Carter’s TV show and instead of going with the
modern and modest leggings/pantsuit it has a very Xena: Warrior Princess look.

With Natalie Portman clamoring for a female super-hero film, Stan Lee’s acceptance of its inevitability and a potential Agent Carter TV show in the works
— the superhero cinematic landscape is just aching for a female superhero movie, regardless if it’s DC or Marvel. 

Hopefully we won’t have to wait another
thirty years.

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