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Producers of Jane Got a Gun Sue Lynne Ramsay

Producers of Jane Got a Gun Sue Lynne Ramsay

The saga of Jane Got a Gun and Lynne Ramsay continues and it’s not pretty. If you recall, Lynne Ramsay left the production right before the start of production. Reports were that Ramsay never got an approved script or budget and that she had a major fight with producer Scott Steindorff and left the film and was then replaced by Gavin O’Connor.

Clearly there is still a lot of animosity between the parties and the producers are clearly still really pissed at Ramsay. So much so that they have filed a lawsuit against her alleging multiple issues. We all know that there are times when directors leave productions, but to have this lawsuit aired so publicly is disturbing and problematic for Ms. Ramsay’s future.

The lawsuit alleges that she did not complete the rewrite, that she was drinking and that she was acted in an unsafe manner on the set. It says that she was “repeatedly under the influence of alcohol, was abusive to the cast and crew, and was generally disruptive.” She has been sued for breach of contract, breach of good faith, unjust enrichment (because she will not return the money she was paid and refuses to let her agency return the money in escrow), negligent misrepresentation, fraud and several other items.

What is so fascinating about reading the lawsuit is that Ms. Ramsay’s directing contract is attached. In her deal, Ms. Ramsay was to be paid $750,000 with $300,000 to be deferred. She would be paid her deferred salary after Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender (or a replacement male lead) were paid. It lists the people she had to listen to, it lists how she has to get 80 on test screenings or had to recut, and it lists award bonuses among many other things. If this is an issue that interests you, this is quite an educational document.

But this lawsuit is clearly an attempt to destroy a very talented director’s career. This will have the effect of making her radioactive which is beyond a shame. She will really need to fight back against this with all her might. 

The whole thing is so sad.

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