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LatinoBuzz: Interview with actress Luciana Faulhaber (The Night Crew)

LatinoBuzz: Interview with actress Luciana Faulhaber (The Night Crew)

Luciana Faulhaber was born the youngest to a single mom in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil where she quickly learned to fend for herself. After moving to
New York to study upon receiving full academic scholarship to Fordham University, she would eventually take a job teaching underprivileged kids and
those with special needs until she was summoned by the universe to the arts. Faulhaber would appear in Iron Man 3 and shot for Vogue Italia before
she would be cast in The Night Crew by filmmaker Christian Sesma (Check out ‘I’m Not Like That No More’). The actioner about a group of rag tag
bounty hunters features Luke Goss (Hellboy 2), Bokeem Woodbine (Southland), co-writer Paul Sloan and Machete himself Danny Trejo where according to
Sesma, “lots of sh*t get’s blown up”. LatinoBuzz spoke to the carioca about her work and her role as ‘Rose’.

When did the acting thing hit you? And why do you HAVE to do this?

I always kept creative through childhood and college. My parents have always been supportive of the arts as a hobby. So I went on to have a serious
degree and become a teacher. One day the father of one of my students walks by my classroom and asked if I wanted to be in a commercial. I joked and
said “why not? Have you seen my salary?” It turned out to be a national commercial which got me into the actors union. I remembered getting that letter
unexpectedly from SAG in the mail and I couldn’t remember the last time I was that happy. Next day I decide to join a conservatory acting school at
nights after work and ended up being taught by the brilliant Bill Esper. Six months later my life was upside down. I called it quits on the job, the
ivy league graduate degree and the picket fence life that was never for me. That was truly a new beginning.

Something I always ask, what does being Latina in this industry mean to you? What do you want to see more from Latinos in film?

Luciana: T
here is a difference between Latinos in film and films about Latinos. The Latino population is reaching a 50% mark in the make up of America and we buy
more movie tickets than any other ethnic group. That should be represented on screen. As a teacher I learned that most of this Latino generation is an
English speaker, general classroom educated, who dream of being more than the stereotypical maid and drug dealers we end up representing on screen. That is
old news. It’s time the industry catches up. This is an era of a the Latino generation that is in search of that American dream. Latinos are everywhere, in
every profession, and that should be reflected on the screen. I would like to see a time where we wouldn’t just fill a quota but be considered for any

Tell me about your role in THE NIGHT CREW.

I play ‘Rose’ in The Night Crew. She is the only female member of the ‘Crew’ and fits in like one of the boys. Rose is a true fighter. She is tough,
relentless and keeps the boys in check so expect lots of action and gun play from this one. But Rose also has another side of her that is feminine and
womanly which she keeps guarded and protected until she falls in love with one of the crew members. For the sake of the Crew they try to keep those
feelings at bay but love must always prevail. At least I believe so and fortunately so does Paul Sloan and Christian Sesma the writers of The Night Crew. I
got really lucky with this character. She gets to show all sides of the same person and there is nothing more human than that. I can’t get over how blessed
I am to be working with this team. Christian Sesma, A.J Rickert-Epstein and Luke Goss are just a brilliant team. It has been a wonderful learning and
collaborative experience and indie film gives you space for that.

I remember that it was a short window from audition to shooting The Night Crew. How did you adjust?

Yes! The phone call was quite a surprise. I was ready to hop on a plane to spend Thanksgiving with my amazing American family at Plow Farms in Plowville,
PA when it happened. This is where we will be shooting our feature Don’t Look next year. We successfully Kickstarted for. I canceled the same morning I
was suppose to fly out and jokingly told Christian he took me off the plane. It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Then I called Mama
Brenda, my sis Lindsay and my family in Brazil to tell them all the good news. The hardest part was to be good on Thanksgiving and not jump on the
delicious meal my friends cooked up for us. I was so excited I barely slept those few days before we hit the road to Palm Springs where we are shooting

You have to pick a director, co-star and story. Go!

Oh man that is so hard! The list would go on and on. I was so lucky this year to work with people like my amazing friend Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr,
Ben Kingsley, Alec Smight, Ted Danson, Georgia Fox, George Eads and now Christian Sesma, Danny Trejo, Luke Goss, Bokeem Woodbine and Paul Sloan. I am over
the moon and to them I would like to say thank you for being part of my journey. In the hopes this lucky streak continues, I would love to work with people
like Wes Anderson, Jose Padilha, Quentin Tarantino and James Wan.

These guys have such an unique style I think would be a wonderful and freeing experience.
Now in terms of co-stars this might make me sound like a big nerd but I would have loved to dance with Fred Astaire and dream of finding love in a black
and white picture. I also want to make movies in Brazil. We are expanding in talent, experience and opportunity and I want to be part of telling the
stories of my people. Brazilians are amongst the top 5 highest immigration groups here in America.

What’s your theme song? (And it can’t be ‘Girl from Ipanema’!)

I have one for each moment just like a movie. But I particularly enjoy music that carries a female voice. Girl power stuff really. Lorde’s last album is
one I have played a bunch this year and Taylor Swifts (Red) has played everyday this year (I do love her stuff, ‘have to admit!). I also love the indie
stuff with Vampire Weekend, Phoenix and other bands a such. However, what I like most is discovering new music and I’m lucky some of my friends are amazing
at it like Kaylin Lee Clinton. Her new album Painted Road is also on repeat on my list.

“Five years from now Luciana will be…”

A household name. Making multiple movies a year, on a TV show, doing more charity work to use her powers for good. Having her mom and sis here whenever
they missed each other. Then she gets to go home to her family: the love of her life, Spike the dog and a kid or two. That to me would be having it all!

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