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Looking at ‘Looking’: How Not To Go About Finding a ‘Mexican F**k Buddy’

Looking at 'Looking': How Not To Go About Finding a 'Mexican F**k Buddy'

The article below — part of a series of recaps for the new HBO series “Looking” — contains spoilers for “Looking For Uncut,” the January 26th episode.

I’m gonna get myself a Mexican fuck buddy whether you like or it not,” Patrick (Jonathan Groff) says to Agustín (Frankie J. Álvarez) in the opening scene of the second episode of “Looking.” Patrick is referring to Richie (Raúl Castillo), who Patrick ended up going to find at the end of the series premiere (after initially meeting him on a bus and brushing off his advances).  It seems that night ended hopefully (though not in a blow job — as Agustín criticizes), and Patrick is cautiously excited about their pending first official date.

But Agustín — staking a claim as the series’ most irritating character in this episode (every show needs one) — warns Patrick that “he’ll probably be uncut if he’s a real Mexican.” Though Patrick thankfully responds to Agustín with a warranted “fuck you,” this does seem to end up being a genuine concern for him as he later ends up googling photos of “uncut latin cocks”. Seriously, Patrick?  You’re 29 years old and you’ve seriously never seen a uncircumcised penis? 

Just as hard to buy are Agustín’s proclamations that moving in with his boyfriend Frank (O-T Fagbenle) — which is what both Patrick and Dom (Murray Bartlett) are helping him do in said opening scene  — is “the best decision he’s ever made.” Using examples such as San Francisco being “overrun with overrated cupcakes” and that he’ll get more work done in Oakland, Agustín is clearly not one for expressing his vulnerabilities (or perhaps even being aware of them), even if they’re evident to everyone around him (Dom later gives the domestic bliss three months, while Patrick gives it “five, maybe six”). This is exemplified further when he mentions the threesome he and Frank had in the previous episode to Dom and Patrick with a clueless overconfidence.

“You just have to separate sex and intimacy,” Agustín ignorantly simplifies to his friends, leaving no room for disagreement. Good luck with your domestication, Frank and Agustín!

But whatever ends up happening down that road, the move does mark the end of an era for Patrick and Agustín, who had been living together for something like eight years. Patrick offers him a very sweet farewell serenade to the tune of “The Golden Girls”‘ theme song (which Agustín can barely even look up from his phone to notice), before Dom — continuing to stake his claim as the series’ best character (save maybe his roommate Doris) — interrupts them impatiently from the car: “Will you two ladies finger fuck each other already so we can get out of here? Get in the car, Rose.” (I’m not sure if I agree with that “Golden” designation, but Dom is totally Blanche, for what it’s worth).

Speaking of Dom, on the ride back from moving Agustín to Oakland, Patrick rightfully asks him why he seems more grumpy than usual, which Dom grumpily suggests isn’t true. But we find out it’s because he’s nervous about meeting up with Ethan, the ex-boyfriend he called at the end of the last episode — even though Doris told him not to. We quickly find ourselves siding with Doris the second Dom meets Ethan at a Starbucks and he tells Dom’s he’s off caffeine and to instead “just order him a ‘Refresh.'”

Ethan ends up giving some rehearsed and obviously insincere speech about how he fucked up and how he’s sorry and wants to start again (and doesn’t mention the fact that he’s rich now and still owes Dom a ton of money). Worse still, the conversation awkwardly transitions into Ethan reminding Dom how little has, uh, refreshed, since they last met: “Last time we spoke I think was eight years ago, you were waiting tables at Zuni and wanting to put a bomb in the basement. What are you up to now?”

This, quite reasonably, leaves Dom seeking out some confidence-boosting on Grindr, finding a mildly annoying but pretty cute 28-year-old boy who he quickly invites to his apartment to fuck (in the hottest scene “Looking” has offered thus far). Afterwards, while the boy showers, we get our sole dose of glorious Doris, who says to Dom: “Why is he taking a shower? What did you do to him? Am I going to have to buy Clorox again?”

Doris also ends up being pretty understanding when it comes to Dom telling her he’s met Ethan, while also giving him a needed kick to go back out and give Ethan the shit he deserved the first time around. Noting the amount of the loan ($8,000) and the reason (to overcome a meth addiction), Dom reams Ethan out in front of his work clients, leaving him (and us — it’s a great scene) feeling quite satisfied at episode’s end.

Agustín is clearly less so, though his eventual conflicts of the episode — whether him and Frank should go out more/whether he should hang his painting of a gay unicorn in their apartment — is by far it’s least interesting (as things go with the allegedly “stable ones”), so honestly it’s hard to really care.

Sincerely concerning, however, is Patrick messing up his shot with his potentially uncut new “Mexican fuck buddy” hopeful Richie. They meet up for drinks, and all goes well (and is beautifully shot — thanks Reed Morano) for the most part. Richie easily navigates his way through Patrick’s social skills and remains pretty darn adorable while doing so. They get drunk (which proves pretty effective in lessening Patrick’s said awkwardness), flirt, dance and eventually make their way back to Patrick’s house, where… Patrick mess everything up.

The pair get into bed, and when Patrick goes to give Richie a blow job, he quickly realizes — and somehow decides to verbally note — that Agustín’s prediction proved incorrect and, moreover, that he’s “disappointed.” Even though Patrick quick walks this back (and honestly, means well), this reasonably sends Richie out the door and leaves Patrick eating mac & cheese alone in his kitchen and calling up his old roommate to tell him — hopefully once and for all — that not all “real Mexicans” have foreskin (not that there’s anything wrong with the ones who don’t).

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