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LatinoBuzz: Valentine’s Day

LatinoBuzz: Valentine's Day

If you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks’ godawful movies , chances are you are loving today! You probably think sitting in a champagne
shaped glass jacuzzi in the Poconos is romantic (It is anything but). There are people (usually men) who avoid it like the bubonic plague. Anything to
get out of buying horrible chocolates last minute or scrambling to make a reservation. The teddy bear with the heart you got her from Rite Aid will let
most women know that you truly don’t know a thing about her, so the evening will be ruined anyway. And then there are hopeless romantics who live for
this hallmark holiday (usually women). You can’t wait to have your co-workers ask you what sad sack thing your lover did for you. Being that LatinoBuzz
is for lovers we rounded up some of our fave Latino actors to share which characters they are akin to and their most epic wins and fails!

If I could choose any character in any movie that reflects my dating life, as cheesy as this sounds, it would have to be Drew Barrymore from the movie
“Going The Distance”. Her character and I are a couple of crazy hopeless romantics. I was in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for a year up
until last month, it was sooo hard at times but worth the wait. He finally took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles! A new beginning :). Soooo a few years
back I had a huge crush on this one guy, and we went out one night to a karaoke bar with his friends. I wanted to stand out to him so I decided (after a
couple of shots of whiskey lol) to jump on stage and sing my heart out! I sang “Girl Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae. I actually sounded pretty
damn good! I surprised myself and definitely impressed the guy I liked. I’d say I won that night :) ANDREA SIXTOS (EAST LOS HIGH)

When I was a little girl I was so shameless and passionate that I didn’t care what other people thought of me. I was in love with this guy “Jose” and I
used to chase him in kindergarden. I would always tell him that I loved him and that he was supposed to be with me, and even share my lunch with him… I
remember that our conversations were always the same… I would say “Jose, who is the prettiest girl in the world?” (hoping that he would say: You!) and he
always answered “My sister!” (he had a 6 month new sister). The best part was that I didn’t care! I knew that he would realized that it was me. Well…
years after I ran in to him as I was going to my ballet classes… he was short, fat and bald.

But the most EPIC fail was years later when I was a teenager (not as shameless as I used to be), I had a boyfriend and wanted to tell him that I love him,
so I composed a song… and thought for a week if I should sing it for him. I decided to do it… as he heard it, he blushed, told me – thank you – and we
never talked about it again… I guess he didn´t like it… But, despite that we were together for 2 more years, happy ending! FRANCISCA WALKER (EL VERANO DE LOS PECES VOLADORES)

Although it was originally a musical, I would say that I am a less narcissistic version of Maureen from RENT. We’re similar in the way that we are both
open spirits, artists, we’re strong, passionate, monogamists (considered by some to be serial-daters)… really when it gets down to it we want to be in
love, but we won’t sacrifice who we are… in other words “take me baby, or leave me.” ;) NOEMI GONZALEZ (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: The Marked Ones)

In the Notebook. Too many men, which to choose, love or stability lol. Most EPIC fail was trying to give an ex Mexican candies to win him back, his niece
got to them before he even saw it. Should have left a card… GINA RODRIGUEZ (SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES)

Well, the night I kissed my current girlfriend for the first time, I apparently farted. I was holding her hand and walking her back to her car. I had a
couple drinks that night and don’t remember this, but she swears by it! It must’ve worked because we’ve been together for nearly 4 years! I think that
should be the test: fart around the person. Depending on how they react, one could decide whether she is a keeper or not. She didn’t mind it too much, so I
guess she was a keeper, and vice versa! She just also happens to be the most loving and accepting person I’ve ever met, so… :) JORGE DIAZ (33)

I think my dating life is like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City. She casually dates but when she’s in a relationship, she’s IN a relationship. Plus she
ends up with Mr.Big! Who wouldn’t want to end up with their one true love!?!?! CHELSEA RENDON (McFARLAND)

My Junior year in High School our English Literature teacher had us move desks around every couple of months to mix things up. From the classic row and
column formation, to a giant inward facing circle and back again. We would physically get up and push our desks, which blanketed the room in cacophony for
about 5 minutes. I had a crush on a boy in class and though I’m not sure where I got the gall, I slammed my hands down on his desk and shoved it up against
him so he was pinned in his seat. The look on his face was priceless and in that moment I, too, was a little shocked (and stoked) by my prowess. Though I
didn’t say a word to him that day, he ended up being my first boyfriend. I have some epic fails too but we can save those for another day. ALEXANDRA METZ (ONCE UPON A TIME)

I would have to say the character that most represents my dating life is Jane from 27 Dresses. I’ve witnessed so many of my family members and friends tie
the knot in just the last few years. If I had a dime for every one I might be able to buy a coffee. Regular of course, nothing fancy. Seriously though, I
love the meaning of marriage and weddings. I think everything about them is so beautiful. I’m a sucker for romance and a great love story. As for myself, I
don’t really date. I’m always helping and taking care of other people that I tend to forget about myself. Similar to Jane, who puts everyone else first and
thinks she has no time for herself. JANINE LARINA (EAST LOS HIGH)

Oh, son. Let me tell ya, I have a very VERY epic fail to share. I was at a house party in college, wearing heels, and dressed to impress a certain cutie
that lived at the house we were at. It was my first time ever meeting him, and as I sashayed down the stairs my heel got caught in a tear in the carpet and
I went flying down the stairs FACE FIRST! I landed flat on my face at the bottom of the stairs and the entire party took a collective GASP. Once I realized
that I hadn’t actually died from the fall (or the embarrassment), I remarkably got back on my feet with some help from nearby strangers, brushed myself
off, and continued to laugh and dance like nothing had happened. When the sobering light of the next day came however, I was so embarrassed that I did
everything I could to avoid my crush for the rest of the year until he graduated. Come to find out, YEARS later when we reconnected, that he was actually
pretty impressed with how easily I laughed off the epic fall down the stairs, thought I was a cool chick, but didn’t know my name or how to find me. Lesson
learned: Best way to recover from an EPIC FAIL is to laugh it off!! And don’t waste your energy being embarrassed by it – because you never know how other
people perceived it. An epic fail could always turn into an epic WIN when you least expect it. ;-) MARISA QUINN (THE TWILIGHT SAGA: Breaking Dawn Part 2)

This one qualifies as the best fail – win ever so I have to tell. It was my birthday and he set up the most amazing night. Dressed up, special pick up,
flowers, gifts, private room at the restaurant the whole deal! After the most amazing meal I still have ever had in my life, he has cupcakes with
candles come out and he sings happy birthday. It was the one most romantic night I’ve ever had. I blow off the candles and he insists I have a bite. I
dragged my finger through the icing and tried to put it on his nose being all cute and romantic like I see in those romantic wedding movies. But I was
a little tipsy from the bottle of Moet we had just had and stuck the icing straight into his eye. It was so much of it he couldn’t even open it! My God
did that go wrong. I was so worried iI blinded him and not sure what reaction to expect. But he just laughed so hard that it made me laugh. Soon we
were both on the floor out of breath trying to un-stick his eye. It was the best moment of the night. Even as we remember the story now we still giggle
like little children. I never looked at a cupcake the same way again. LUCIANA FAULHABER (THE NIGHT CREW)

About two years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles I starter to dance with fire. So one night, after spending a beautiful day with this very special
person, I invited my super talented fire dancers friends to come to my house and we performed for him. It was the best performance I’ve ever done and he
was pleasantly surprised. PAOLA BALDION (SIN OTOÑO SIN PRIMAVERA)

I had a crush on a sports trainer in college and thinking I was pretty athletic myself, I thought I could impress him with my prowess. So I decided to
join his 5:30 AM bootcamp. Basically, everything was going according to plan, UNTIL one day I had the bright idea to go one morning when I was clearly
still feeling a bit funny from the night/earlier that morning… and he made a work out circuit, called the “gut check,” let’s just say, I checked
it…and threw up, A LOT… and never went back. LINDSEY MORGAN (THE HUNDRED)

I was on a date with a girl when I was 13 during Halloween and went to a maze, I’m petrified of scary clowns and sure enough the end of the maze it was
clowns, luckily she was scared also so we ran out with eachother. She dropped her phone while running and asked if I could go get it and she asked if I was
scared, trying to be cool I said no. So walking back in, one of the clowns was holding the phone and I was holding my breath, and as soon as I grabbed it
the clown screams on the top of his lungs and I peed myself. She wouldn’t stop laughing at me. ANDREW JACOBS (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: The Marked Ones)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona. ‘Cause we all been in there and it’s weird at times when they just broke up with their exes. There is that tension and if its too

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