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Hard Times – Making It, Vol. 1 – Entry #3 of 9 – Transitioning (Tahir Jetter Chronicles Web Series Journey)

Hard Times - Making It, Vol. 1 - Entry #3 of 9 - Transitioning (Tahir Jetter Chronicles Web Series Journey) – We’ll be premiering on April 22nd, so please visit our website and subscribe, for more info!

Nov 2012 (Unspecified Date)

[This entry came after several months of attempting to raise money for my feature film, All The Wrong Places. 

I’d gotten an imdbpro membership and, after rifling through the endless stack of business cards that I’d amassed after attending Sundance in 2011, (and considering the nature of the film that I wanted to make) I started contacting every single film person that I could think of that had financed,  produced or cast an independent feature film that featured a young, African-American cast between 2007 and 2011. 

Additionally, I reached out to countless people that I knew, personally, and approached them for private equity investments.]

Concerning the film producers I’ve spoken with, these past few months, feedback that I got on my draft of latest All The Wrong Places, has been:

“Yeah, I don’t know, I liked it, but to me, it just kind of read like the Black version of ‘Girls.’” – anon Producer of a feature film that had gone to Sundance, that year

“I liked it, but we don’t make those kinds of films anymore.” – anon Producer of a feature film that had gone to Sundance, years before

“I don’t work on feature films that have a budget of less than $500,000.” – anon Producer of several Sundance-selected movies

“Yeah, I’ll read your draft, but due to familial issues, I can’t really afford to take on projects of this scale.” – anon Producer of several Sundance movies

“I’m getting to the point in my career where I can’t take on projects of this size, but I’d be more than happy to read your draft.” – anon Producer with a movie that had just premiered at Sundance

Suffice it to say that this was a small sampling of the people that I’d reached out to, at the time, and that it seemed that the chances of getting the film made were not looking good.

Dec 20, 2012

[I then started ruminating about the people and resources that I had access to, at the time, as I wanted to do nothing more than to just make something—and HARD TIMES seemed the most doable project, at the time.]

People I Want On The Team for HARD TIMES

Nia – Wilzette
Craig – TBD –
Derek – Dante Clark
Felix – Juan Rivera
Lark – Briana James?

Shooters – Daniel Patterson, Matt Mitchell, T___________, Who Else Shoots?
Sound – ________ Kids
Prod Management – Michelle M
Prod Design – Amber P, Charlotte R
A.D.’s – P. Ng
Composers – Kaleb and Mark

Approach to Principal Photography

Shooting Style – we let our equipment/budget dictate our shooting style.

If we can’t light for night, for example, we might have to turn up the gain on that mufucka and use some fast ass lenses.

Even if we use different dp’s, we gotta maintain consistent cinematography, throughout.

Need a list of locations that we can always use and go back to
Need to be able to use the same production vehicles, etc

10-11 – 8 min eps = 80 min of shit
Basically cutting a feature.

$1K/ep = $10K total


Edit System

I will organize, log and capture and sync all footage, which will be kept in two identical drives, set in two different locations


Grab Footage
Make a Copy on Two Drives
Log Footage
Rough Assembly

We should have 3 Editors, working at any given point in time.  [Ha!]

Edit Schedule –

12 Weeks/Picture Edit
6 Weeks – Sound Post
Release –

Possible Locations  –

My Apartment
________’s Apartment
_______’s Apartment
_________’s Apartment
_________’s  Apartment
R_________’s Apartment
________’s Place
N_______’s Place
T_______ and C_______’s Place

So within 6 months of starting, we should start releasing our first episode.  Move like that.

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