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The Missing Plane: A Worldwide Media Obsession and A Made-For-Hollywood Thriller

The Missing Plane: A Worldwide Media Obsession and A Made-For-Hollywood Thriller

The saga of The Missing Plane is keeping the world hostage as people everywhere try to make any sense of the disappearance of a Boeing 777 aircraft seemingly without any real clues.

The frightening tale of Malaysia Flight 370 has become a global media obsession because it is a perfect storm for the swarm. Sadly, it has everything: international intrigue, the unspoken threat of terrorism, the fate of nothing official to report (while privately 239 helpless passengers and the universal feelings that it could well have been you or me aboard that plane. For more news:…

Our hearts go out to the loved ones who are waiting desperately to learn any news. It is an impossible situation.

However this scary episode turns out, you can bet that Hollywood must be monitoring the unfolding story and mining it for screenplay fodder. This is to be expected. The global media reworking feverishly, too, even though there seems to be nothing new or concrete to report from hour to hour.

This story reminds me, in a way, of the furor surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing nearly a year ago. For several agonizing days, law enforcement officials said they had no reliable leader to divulge (while cracking the case behind closed doors). So, the media in New England proceeded to do its own criminal intelligence work — resulting in some awful gaffes. The media pretty much ran amok, speculating both earnestly and recklessly, until we learned the true story.

Until, we find out the actual story about the missing plane, we can expect to see and read increasingly loud whispers about the possibility of a terrorist act. It is the X factor in a story chock full of intrigue and mystery. There are too many unanswered and possibly unanswerable questions and cable news networks have all that time to fill with … something.

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