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10 Funny Quips and Highlights from Richard Ayoade’s Reddit AMA

10 Funny Quips and Highlights from Richard Ayoade's Reddit AMA

Writer-director Richard Ayoade’s new film “The Double” stars Jesse Eisenberg as a government clerk who encounters a co-worker who is his exact physical double, but whose personality is his exact opposite. In anticipation of the film’s May 9 release, Ayoade, who also acted in the TV series “The Mighty Boosh” and “The IT Crowd,” signed into Reddit for a fan AMA. Here are some highlights from it:  

For most of the AMA, Ayoade replied to fan questions with some snappy one-liners and funny quips:

What was your relationship like with Chris O’Dowd on the set of the “I.T. Crowd”?
Erotic, intense, salty.

Are you the same “R.A. was here” written in Sharpie in the men’s toilets at the Eagle Pub in Cambridge? I notice it every time I go there.
I would never deface a toilet. They mean too much to me.

If you HAD to direct a re-make of any film, what would it be and why?
Robocop. Oh, wait… I’m just being told something

How do you keep your hair so fabulous?
I use the juice from between airplane seats.

Hey Richard! Would you ever come to New Zealand/Australia on tour?
I’m going to be the new drummer in Led Zeppelin

Are you currently wearing woman’s slacks?
I’m wearing a cape and speedos.

But then, when asked a few more serious questions about his career, Ayoade dug deep and talked about his influences, 

As a former Footlights president, do you think having that comedy background gives you an advantage, or does it just mean you have to work harder to prove that you’re not just a posh twit with good connections?
I felt lucky in that you’re given the incredible advantage of being able to perform and write for shows that will definitely be put on – mainly because people like Stephen Fry have been in previous Footlights shows – I don’t know – I was there at a time when it wasn’t very fashionable – but I met lots of people who really helped me – I was also able to unleash some of the most unforgivably turgid material that has ever been conceived.

As I loved your appearances with the Mighty Boosh, are you planning on working with either Noel or Julian (or both!) in the future?
I’d always work with them – it just depends on what comes up – but I’ve really enjoyed doing the shows that they wrote.

What would you say are your biggest influences?
It’s hard to say – but directors I really, really like include Orson Welles Ingmar Bergman Fellini,Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Roy Anders, John Ford, Preston Sturges, Barbara Albert. Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson and Roy Anders.

“Submarine” was quite pronounced in its French New Wave influences throughout the film – where exactly did your inspiration for this come from?
It felt that the film should look as though Oliver had directed it, and that the film of his life would have a romantic, wind-swept new wave feel

Will you ever be acting in one of your written/directed films?
I can’t imagine being able to source an actor who was better than me. So if I ever am in one of my films you’ll know we ran out of money, or there’s a strike on.

And despite having been on a show that focuses on computer technology, Ayoade is surprisingly ignorant when it comes to anything tech.

What operating system are you using?
The thing is – I don’t even know. I don’t know how any of this works – I don’t even know how this thing we’re doing now works – what are YOU all doing? Do YOU know how it works – please tell me! As in is this currently the thing it’s meant to be? Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.

Upon leaving, Ayoade added: “Thanks very much everyone – I have to go now and have a protein shake with Bradley Cooper and if it’s not mixed properly he’ll put me in a choke hold. Hope you’re all well and remember that if ‘The Double’ doesn’t sell more tickets than “Titanic” they take away my family and the bottom row of my teeth.”

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