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A Teachable Feminist Moment Courtesy of Shailene Woodley

A Teachable Feminist Moment Courtesy of Shailene Woodley

Dear Shailene Woodley: I think you are a really talented young woman and I have enjoyed seeing you in several films and am actually very much looking forward to The Fault in Our Stars. But you kind of stepped in a pile of poo today with your Time interview, where you said you weren’t a feminist, so I just wanted to share a few thoughts for you to keep in mind as you continue your press tour for the film. 

It is great to acknowledge that you are a role model for young women but precisely because they look up to you it is imperative that you give out messages that are empowering to young women and not totally naive, regressive and downright wrong.

1- Learn the definition of feminism. Here it is: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

2 – If there was no feminism you would not be a movie star. 

3- Being a feminist does not mean you hate men. 

4- Women are more than 50% of the world and we deserve 50% of the power and jobs.

5- If women gained more power all girls would go to school and they would not be kidnapped or sold into sex trafficking.

6- If this is what you think is a good balance of power in the world today you need stop acting and go back to school. Sart by reading some Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan and every woman from the 2nd wave. (Send me your address and I will gather a collection of book from the feminist canon for you to learn exactly what feminism is about.)

7- Tris is a feminist. 

8 –  Women are not trying to tear each other down, we are trying to build a movement up.

9 – Sisterhood = feminism – that comes from @KarenValby on twitter

10 – Women fighting over a man in a movie and making them look like idiots is not feminism. It’s crass commercialism.

11- Women’s rights are human rights.

12- Check with your agent and manager and find out how much money you made for your starring roles compared to an equivalent male peer. Then ask them where the other 30% is. Then you’ll realize how much you need feminism.

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