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Pedro Pascal’s Reddit AMA Reveals the ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Is the Most Charming Dude Ever

Pedro Pascal's Reddit AMA Reveals the 'Game of Thrones' Actor Is the Most Charming Dude Ever

Pedro Pascal joined “Game of Thrones” this season as Oberyn Martell, the Dornish gentleman out for revenge. After the last episode’s dramatic scene in which Oberyn promises a teary-eyed Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) that he will act as his champion for his trial by combat, fans eagerly await the next episode where Oberyn will face The Mountain (Hafthor Julius Bjornsson) in a battle that will no doubt be epic. Leading up to next Sunday night, Pascal took part in a Reddit AMA where he proved just as charming as his smooth-talking character. In addition to admitting his love for prime rib, pizza, red wine, beer and bourbon, citing Beatrix Kiddo from the “Kill Bill” films as his favorite “superhero” and praising his home country of Chile, Pascal’s AMA proved him equally goofy and charismatic. Here are the top 10 highlights from Pascal’s chat. 

The funniest person on set is Sansa Stark.
A fan asked Pascal who was the funniest actor behind the scenes, and the answer wasn’t what we all expected. “Oh my god, so many of them are so funny. The entire cast is very very witty and a fun cast, so this is very hard to choose, but I guess something that people might not expect is that Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) had me in stitches a lot of the time. I’m not sure if she was trying to be funny but she was still making me laugh.”

He decided to give Oberyn an accent during his audition (and we can’t help but read all of Pascal’s replies in the very same accent).
“I think that it was just initially an instinct on my part? I could tell even though I hadn’t read the books, I was up to date on the show, when I read the audition sights for the character, and I felt like they were ushering in a very new element with Oberyn Martell, and it seemed like it would be interesting if he sounded different than everyone in King’s Landing so that there was a very foreign element. He looks different, he dresses different, and I thought it was important that he sound different. He also behaves differently than the rest of the characters, the way he goes up against some of the most dangerous characters with fearlessness is very unique, so I thought it would be very unique to have his sound fall in line, and be sort of unique from others.”

He shot last week’s dramatic scene with Tyrion and his upcoming battle with The Mountain on his very first day.
I think that my first day onset was actually a pretty big scene, this was my scene in Tyrion’s cell with Peter Dinklage, and it’s a beautifully written scene but it was really important to me to get it right. And I was really nervous. And it turned out not to be a difficult scene to shoot because Peter was so amazing to work with and he’s such a generous actor. And our director Alik Sakharov, he was the director of that episode, and he’s one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with, so that and the amazing writing turned it into (to this day) one of the best workdays I’ve ever had. And of course, as far as what is upon us in the next episode, The Viper versus the Mountain, was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.”

He reads a lot.
Pascal was asked to reveal his favorite piece of literature and what it means to him. “Oh my gosh, THAT is a good question. I think one of the greatest reads I’ve ever experienced was ‘Crime & Punishment’ by Dostoyevsky. I know that sounds highbrow, but to be completely honest it was a page turner for me. When I was a kid I remember reading this book called ‘Watership Down.’ That was one of the most grueling, it’s by Richard Adams, and I also love ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. And I love ‘Jane Eyre,’ I love anything by J.D. Salinger, I love reading.”

He’s taking the name Pedro back from “Napoleon Dynamite.”
A fellow who shares his name commented: “As a fellow Pedro; thank you for making our name cool again!” To which Pascal replied: “If I could do anything to help start hearing Pedro other than “vote for Pedro,” I’m glad to do it. The curse of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ on the name Pedro was pretty tough.”

He really really likes Captain Crunch.
“Someone asked how I feel about Captain Crunch: I’m capable of eating an entire box of it without any milk. It is a sweet taste that is indescribable, Captain Crunch is its own flavor.”

His favorite animals are elephants.
“I’m just completely transfixed when I see one on television or at a zoo. I find them sort of magnificent, and humorous, and intelligent, and gentle, and dangerous, and I just think that they are incredible.”

Which also informs his favorite classic Disney movie.
A fan asked if Pascal had a favorite Disney movie and he responded: “Even though it’s associated more with Pixar, I would say’ Wall-E.’ And ‘The Incredibles.’ Those are two of my favorite films of all time. And then as far as Disney, more of the classic animations, I would say my favorite Disney film is ‘Dumbo.’ I like to cry, what can I say?”

He can’t seem to stop eating berries.
When asked about his favorite fruit, Pascal didn’t hold back about his intense love for berries. “I would say that my favorite fruit, I like berries. I like any kind of berry, blueberries or raspberries or blackberries or strawberries.They decorated my table at the purple wedding with a bowl of berries, and they kept on having to refill it because I was eating them. And the brothel had some nuts and berries, sort of decorated throughout the set, that’s why you keep seeing me eating in the scene, like I’m chewing on stuff while I’m talking, is because I kept eating the berries.”

He’s only just starting to get recognized on the street.
Pascal was asked if he had had any strange or funny encounters now that he’s on one of the most popular shows in the world. “I am in New York right now, and I am in rehearsals for Shakespeare in the Park (‘Much Ado About Nothing’) and I walk home and ride the train like I always have, and the difference being that strangers will sort of look at me and it will take a second to figure out why they are looking at me, and sometimes they will approach me and say, ‘Are you the guy on “Game of Thrones?”‘ Recently I had an hour break and was walking near Union Square to go to Barnes & Noble, and there was somebody trying to sign people up for something, trying to get them to talk to him on the street, and the guy was trying to get people’s attention and he said to me, ‘And YOU sir, look like Oberyn Martell on “Game of Thrones!”‘ and I stopped in my tracks for a second and didn’t know what to say, and he said ‘Holy Shit, you ARE Oberyn Martell on “Game of Thrones”‘ and then he left me alone. Haha. And let me go to Barnes & Noble!”

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