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On 20th Anniversary, ID will “Re-live” Highly-Publicized, Controversial Trial, w/ World Premiere of Doc ‘OJ: Trial of the Century’

On 20th Anniversary, ID will "Re-live" Highly-Publicized, Controversial Trial, w/ World Premiere of Doc 'OJ: Trial of the Century'

On its 20th anniversary, Investigation Discovery (ID), the true crime and suspense network, will offer viewers the opportunity to “re-live” the most highly-publicized and controversial criminal trial in American history, the OJ Simpson murder trial. 

The network has programmed on-air and online features that promise to “uncover every detail of the unprecedented trial that captivated the media and came to symbolize everything that fascinates Americans – celebrities, murderous rage, scandalous revelations, wealth, power, sex and race,” says the press release.

Programming highlights include the world premiere of the feature documentary, “OJ: Trial of the Century,” on June 12, at 9/8c. The film will follow the real-life soap opera that was the OJ Simpson case, as it played out like an episodic work of dramatic fiction. The special documentary event is produced exclusively for Investigation Discovery (ID), by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Nicole Rittenmeyer, and the team at Every Hill Films.

Other programming highlights will include:

– “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones – OJ Simpson” on June 17, which will follow crime writer Aphrodite Jones as she conducts her own investigation into headline-making trial, asking how an American icon fell so far, what really happened in the streets of Brentwood, California when his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ron Goldman, were stabbed to death, and more, uncovering new information about the fall of an American hero.

Exclusive social and online experience includes:

OJ Trial Twitter takeover – @DiscoveryID #OJ20 on Tuesday, June 17. ID extends the viewing experience online @DiscoveryID with a live tweeting event for a play-by-play of the infamous Bronco chase – 20 years to the day on June 17th as though it were happening now.

Follow @DiscoveryID for tweets throughout June about key moments in the OJ trial, featuring highlights from “OJ: Trial of the Century” and “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones,” along with news coverage on ID’s official crime news blog, Crime Feed (, which provides an interactive crime “crimeline” – an exhaustive look at all things related to the 20th anniversary of the OJ Simpson case, from the murder, to the Bronco chase, to the trial, and OJ’s later legal troubles. You’ll also be able to catch up on the major trial players, with features like: “Where Are They Now?” Who wrote a novel? Who is a TV personality? Whose kids have become reality TV stars? 

That’s right, it’s going to be a party at ID y’all…!

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