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13 LGBT Actors Emmy-Nominated For Playing LGBT Characters: John Glover

13 LGBT Actors Emmy-Nominated For Playing LGBT Characters: John Glover

As we know, playing an LGBT character has been a Oscar good luck charm to many an actor, from Sean Penn to William Hurt to Charlize Theron or Hilary Swank to Jared Leto…  But how many openly LGBT actors have won Oscars for playing LGBT characters? None. In fact, the only openly LGBT actor who has won an Oscar for playing a character of any orientation was Angelina Jolie for “Girl, Interrupted” (unless you count Jodie Foster or Kevin Spacey) and only a scant few others — Ian McKellan the only one for playing an LGBT role in “Gods and Monsters” — have even been nominated. The Emmys, however, are a much different story.

This year, a whopping seven LGBT actors were nominated for playing LGBT characters: Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Laverne Cox, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nathan Lane Joe Mantello and — in a sense — Kate McKinnon (whose “SNL” characters include Ellen deGeneres and ‘Dyke’ from “Dyke & Fats”).  You could also arguably include Spacey again for his “House of Cards” performance as Frank Underwood, though neither the actor or the character has been entirely transparent about their sexuality. And while this is certainly a landmark year in this regard, the Emmys have — at least relative to the Oscars — been pretty exceptional in their tendency to nominate LGBT actors for playing LGBT characters, with a few even winning (though there’s certainly still a few glaring omissions — Wilson Cruz on “My So-Called Life” and Sandra Bernhard on “Roseanne” the two immediately springing to mind).

Between now and the August 25th Emmy ceremony, we’re going to look back at every example in chronological order.  Leading up to this year’s 7 nominees, we counted 15 different LGBT characters played by 13 openly LGBT actors (on two occasions by the same one — hence 13 and not 15) finding Emmy nominations, the first coming in 1986 (which makes for an impressive overall total of 22). And no David Hyde Pierce doesn’t count — neither him nor Niles Crane were out at the time — and neither does Rosie O’Donnell, who was nominated for playing herself on “The Larry Sanders Show” (oddly enough in an episode that also prominently featured kd lang) a few years before she came out. And it’s also quite possibly we missed someone (especially in the guest acting categories), so let us know if so… But without further adieu, the earliest example:

John Glover

Nominated For: John Glover received his first of five Emmy nominations for playing dying AIDS patient Victor Mitado in the 1985 NBC TV movie “An Early Frost.”  Glover’s role is a small but pivotal one (in the trailer below you see him only briefly towards the end), but was enough to get him one of 14 Emmy nominations that the film received. Note: We couldn’t quite figure out whether John Glover was openly gay at the time, but he was as far back as 1993 so we’re just letting this one count (correct is if you have more information). 
Did He Win?: No, he lost to John Malkovich, who played Biff Loman in a CBS version of “Death of a Salesman”
Significance: Well, Glover appears to be the first LGBT actor in Emmy history to be nominated for playing an LGBT character, and is surely one of the first actors of any orientation to do so. And it was for a very notable TV movie. “An Early Frost” was the first film — on television or otherwise — to deal with the topic of AIDS, and considering it was on NBC and it was 1985, it’s surprisingly not horrifically offensive. There’s quite the history attached to it too. How it was #1 in the ratings the night it aired, having been watched by 34 million people (  ). Or how NBC lost $500,000 in revenue because advertisers backed out of sponsoring the film. It’s definitely worth watching if only from an anthropological perspective.
Here’s the trailer:

Check back tomorrow for the next nominee…

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