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New York Television Festival Announces 62 Official Selections to the 2014 Independent Pilot Competition

New York Television Festival Announces 62 Official Selections to the 2014 Independent Pilot Competition

The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) is celebrating its 10th anniversary this October with a record breaking 62 selections for its Independent Pilot Competition. The pilots this year feature a host of familiar faces, including Kel Mitchell, Robert Englund, Pete Holmes and more, and represent talented writers, producers and actors from major American cities and countries such as Australia and Britain.

“When we launched the Festival and this competition ten years ago, the idea of independently-created television projects was untested,” said NYTVF founder Terence Gray in a statement. “However, in the decade since, the market has responded resoundingly, and this year we have more partners, more opportunities, more deals and more submissions than ever before.”

The independent television showcase will be held October 20-25, 2014 at Tribeca Cinemas, with additional festival events hosted by the Tribeca 360 and SVA Theatre. Winners will be chosen in a variety of categories (“Best Comedy,” “Best Drama”) on the festival’s closing night, by a jury comprised of the NYTVF screening committee. 

Check out this year’s Independent Pilot Competition entries below, and visit the NYTVF website for more information.

“Annie Undocumented” (High School Dramedy)
Created by Elaine Low – Los Angeles, CA
A pretty and popular high school student has everything she could ever want – until she discovers she is an illegal immigrant and her life is turned upside down.

“Apartment Guy” (Workplace Sitcom)
Created by Bill Boehler – Chicago, IL
Bill and his colleagues at a real estate agency navigate the woes of apartment-hunting in Chicago, getting into trouble and overcompensating for their mistakes along the way. 

Assassins in Love” (Sitcom)
Created by Kevin Scott – New York, NY
Junior high school is a battle ground for the members of the Assassination Re-Creation Club as they encounter enemies from inside and out.

Bad Ambulance” (Psychological Horror Thriller)
Created by Daniel Klein – Chicago, IL
At your time of greatest need, when you call out for help, can you trust the first responders?

“Better Than the Rest” (Game Show)
Created by Massimiliano Bulgheroni and David Gersamia – London, England
Six ordinary strangers in search of a fortune battle it out in a series of physical and mental challenges designed to find the one that’s… better than the rest.

“BFE” (Animated Sitcom)
Created by David Harris and Scabfarm – Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX
Teenage punk Pixie Waller and her new family go looking for trouble in the small town of Egypt, Texas.

“BLEAK” (Comedy)
Created by Kate McClennan and Kate McCartney – Fairfield, VIC, Australia
A web series about rebuilding your life in a home that’s falling apart.

“The Brothel” (Workplace Comedy)
Created by Laura Grey, Langan Kingsley, Kristy Lopez-Bernal, Natasha Vaynblat and Moujan Zolfaghari – New York, NY
When Sara is thrust into an office job at The Institute of Pleasure, she quickly learns that the oldest profession is still a profession, and sometimes you need to get your hands dirty to keep the lights on…or off.

“Called to Serve” (Coming-of-Age Dramedy)
Created by Michael Van Orden – Los Angeles, CA
Four Mormon missionaries come of age in a world full of temptation.

“The Carrier” (Sci-Fi Mystery Drama)
Created by Tess Smalley and Joe Smalley – Brooklyn, NY
One man searches for answers to his sister’s disappearance in a world where aliens have interfered with human
evolution since the dawn of time.

“The Come Up” (Comedy)
Created by Ben Snyder and Ari Issler – Austin, TX
A group of men in New York navigate adulthood while avoiding the trappings that come with the territory – career, commitment, and any kind of compromise. Featuring Michael K. Williams (“The Wire”, “Boardwalk Empire”).

“Compromised” (Sci-Fi Thriller)
Created by Tom Wardach and Christopher Stadulis – Forest Hills, NY
Shortly after the government has installed mandatory electronic chips in the brains of all its citizens, an act of terrorism by an unsuspecting civilian suggests a breach in the system.

“CosmoNots” (Comedy)
Created by Jason Cooper – West Hollywood, CA
Dani, an aspiring culture blogger, sets out to research how popular media speaks to women, pawning off the outrageous and misguided advice from the pages of women’s magazines on three of her friends.

“Cowards” (Sitcom)
Created by Megan Green, Joe Kwaczala, Joe McAdam, and Chris Stephens – Los Angeles, CA 
Four anxious friends continually find themselves in situations where they have to face their worst fear: social interaction.

“Cyber Vice” (Procedural Drama)
Created by Josh Woodle and James Bird – Los Angeles, CA
After his father is murdered, Devon Evers assumes a false identity and teams with special agents of the cyber crime  division in Los Angeles to bring down a notorious criminal.

“Dare2Draw” (Competition Game Show) 
Created by Charles David Chenet – New York, NY
Four hopeful comic book artists are brought together to compete and showcase their artwork under the watchful eye of top masters in the field.

“Dispatch” (Dramedy)
Created by Dan Berk and Robert Olson – Brooklyn, NY
After being fired from his desk job, Bobby is forced to take a gig as a weed deliveryman in NYC.

“Distraction Team” (Animated Comedy)
Created by Jake Greene and Patrick Danahar – Los Angeles, CA
A team of government agents work to distract the population from terrible events by creating even bigger news. However, their efforts often blow up in their face.

“The Fight Room” (Sci-Fi Action Thriller)
Created by Emily Corcoran and Gillian MacGregor – London, England
In a futuristic dystopia, kidnapped women are blackmailed into participating in internet-broadcast battles in order to gain their freedom.

“Future Duck!” (Adult Animated Comedy)
Created by Henry Dalton and Paul Cope – London, England 
Promises to make it into your top three “shows about a duck that comes from the future who now lives with a semi- evolved whale with legs, a thawed-out female T. Rex, and a sentient English muffin.”

“Gary Saves the Graveyard” (Comedy) 
Created by Todd Bieber – New York, NY 
As the new caretaker of a graveyard, Gary discovers that he must play referee to the numerous dead residents that come to life each night – including his childhood best friend. Produced by UCBComedy.

“Giving Up” (Dark Comedy) 
Created by Kris Lefcoe – New York, NY 
After realizing their deadline to “make it in NY” is imminent, Ira and Mo try to remember their back-up plan. Featuring Zandy Hartig (“Children’s Hospital”).

“Go, Bolivia, Go!” (Spy Comedy) 
Created by Logan Leikam and Chris Mast – Venice, CA 
Set in groovy 1968, psychologist and CIA operative Tom Bolivia embarks on a global mission, employing his uncanny reconnaissance and assessment skills to get the job done.

“Hot Fail” (Sitcom)
Created by Tracy Weiler and Tim Drucker – New York, NY 
After her life falls apart, Charlie Kennedy embarks on a journey of first dates, food blogging, and taking bad advice from friends. Featuring Scott Evans (“One Life To Live”).

“Hunter n Hornet” (Satirical Comedy) 
Created by Sonny Vrebac – Sydney, Australia 
Two wannabe pick-up artists, desperate to meet women, dedicate themselves to perfecting dating science.

“Jacques” (Hight School Comedy) 
Created by Eric Gross and Kai Crouse – Los Angeles, CA 
French foreign-exchange students Jacques Brossard and Jacques DuBois along with their beret-wearing cat, Toulouse-Lautrec, vow to civilize their unruly American high school.

“The Jamz” (Comedy) 
Created by Jim Kozyra – Chicago, IL 
In an attempt to land a coveted morning show gig, two radio DJs endeavor to create a successful radio show in their current late-night slot.

“Jones Sweet A** TV Pitch” (Spoof Reality) 
Created by Pedro Castro and Ramiro Castro Jr. – Los Angeles, CA
Businessman Toby Jones will do anything to get on TV…for the right price.

“Kid Farm” (Mockumentary) 
Created by Jamie Lee and Pete Holmes – Los Angeles, CA 
Meet Bill and Jean Engvall and their myriad children. With a household bursting at the seams, the Engvalls try to manage their growing family by scheduling appointments with each of their children – if they can remember which is which.

“Larpers” (Comedy) 
Created by Travis Bible and Kemerton Hargrove – Santa Monica, CA 
A group of friends struggle to balance real life with their passion for Live Action Role Playing.

“Lazy Me” (Single-Camera Comedy) 
Created by Kevin Wu, Justin Dec and Ian Edwards – Los Angeles, CA 
Kev is a struggling YouTube personality attempting to cross over into mainstream media, but every time he tries to move forward his Lazy side holds him back. Featuring YouTube star Kevin Wu.

“Love Spitters” (Dating Game Show) 
Created by Rich Seng and Nicholas Charles Peters – Chicago, IL 
To win the heart of one hip hop vixen, four freestyle emcees must answer a series of questions – on a beat and in rhyme – in this dating competition full of wit and swagger.

“Man Scout” (Docu-Reality Comedy) 
Created by Shawn Bowers and Colin Hogan – Chicago, IL 
As a kid, Colin wasn’t ‘scout material.’ Now, as a boyish man, he endeavors to earn all the badges he never could in this docu-comedy that proves it’s never too late to go after your dreams.

Man vs. Feelings” (Comedy Docu-Series) 
Created by Ethan T. Berlin – New York, NY 
In this comedy-social experiment-hybrid, host and comedian Ethan Berlin explores mental health topics using his deadpan sense of humor, relentless curiosity, and vast wealth of emotional turmoil.

“Married, For Real?!” (Sitcom)
Created by Richard C. Brooks Los Angeles, CA 
Newlyweds navigate the ups and downs of married life, and, despite their differences, attempt to find a happy medium that will keep their marriage moving right along. Featuring Kel Mitchell.

“Mizz Miraculous” (Dark Musical Comedy) 
Created by Jess Lane – Los Angeles, CA 
Mizz, a self-professed rap sensation, and her ragtag crew navigate Hollywood and the music industry with a trailer park mentality.

“Near Death” (Medical Thriller) 
Created by Owen Hornstein III – New Orleans, LA 
An emotionally detached doctor offers down-and-out patients a unique, but illegal, near death experience to reaffirm their faith in the world.

“The Neighborhood” (Character Sitcom) 
Created by James Manzello and Matt Pavich – Queens, NY 
James and Matt are childhood friends turned aimless grown-ups who devise unsuccessful schemes to escape their neighborhood and its crazy inhabitants.

“Newsers” (Workplace Comedy) 
Created by Mark Sarian – Hoboken, NJ 
Five members of an odd-ball news team get in and out of trouble as they deliver the not-so-breaking news of a small town.

“NWAR” (Animated Detective Comedy) 
Created by Dan Markowitz – New York, NY 
An animated film noir parody following a gritty detective and his coterie of clients, marks, and innocent bystanders.

“O, the Ennui” (Comedy) 
Created by Mark Millner and Sutton Dewey – Brooklyn, NY 
Two Brooklyn dudes tackle the finer points of snacking, roommate woes, and general listlessness in this existential bromance.

“Off the Record” (Workplace Sitcom) 
Created by Stewart Gold – Los Angeles, CA 
Well-intentioned but painfully insecure reporter Justin Pfeffer and his best friend find themselves reporting on insane, off-the-wall stories in an attempt to save their small town newspaper.

“Our Mysterious World” (Investigative Docu-Series) 
Created by Brian Gates – Denver, CO 
This visually stimulating web series presents some of the most bizarre and unexplainable mysteries known to man in a thrilling, albeit brief, journey through human history.

“Rain on Film” (Romantic Comedy) 
Created by Phil Drinkwater and Tim Woodall – London, England 
A cinema-obsessed young woman attempts to direct her own life as if it were a rom-com.

“thE rEAsOn” (Situation Dramedy) 
Created by Lauren Snowden – Los Angeles, CA 
When the love of her life resurfaces ten years after a painful break-up, Maya must decide whether she wants to face her past mistakes and move on or continue hiding behind a decade-old lie.

“Recorded Lives” (Family Drama) 
Created by Guy Shalem – Malibu, CA 
This “found footage” series reveals the secrets of a wealthy Malibu family as they reunite, consider extramarital temptations, struggle with old addictions, and fall in love. Featuring Carrie Preston.

“Sanitarium” (Psychological Horror Thriller) 
Created by Kerry Valderrama – San Antonio, TX 
This anthology series explores the narratives of various mentally institutionalized patients as they tell the tale that led to their current state of mind. Featuring Malcolm McDowell and Robert Englund.

“Scott’s Lookalikes” (Mockumentary Spoof) 
Created by Greg Ash – London, England 
A glimpse behind the scenes at a new Hollywood lookalikes agency run by hapless British lookalike agent (and former Macaulay Culkin-lookalike) Scott Johnson.

“Secret Studio” (Game Show)
Created by James Spokoini and Sipho Sondiyazi – London, England 
Families are tested on how well they know their loved ones in this game show within a game show.

“Small Doses” (Romantic Comedy) 
Created by Tami Soligan and Fred Soligan – Brooklyn, NY 
This quirky comedy tells the story of a young woman living in a world where ‘being single’ is considered a medical condition and the doctor who tries to ‘cure’ her.

“Space Drifters” (Space Sitcom) 
Created by James Dwyer, Kent Kincannon, and Langan Kinglsley – Brooklyn, NY 
Stranded in space, a group of hapless astronauts must use their skills to stay alive as their only connection back on earth attempts to bring them home. Warning: beware of sexy, Russian cosmonauts!

“Think Tank” (Workplace Sitcom) 
Created by Jeff Galante, Ira Rosensweig, and Josh Shader – Los Angeles, CA 
The Woodbine Foundation, a non-partisan think tank in the heart of Brooklyn, is concerned with finding the solution to the world’s biggest (and smallest) problems.

“This Old Thing” (Dark Buddy Comedy) 
Created by Caroline Fox – Los Angeles, CA 
At the Rosewood Home for Assisted Living, an unlikely friendship is formed between its newest caretaker and the home’s strangest, youngest, and seemingly healthiest resident.

“Today’s Special” (Coming-of-Age Comedy) 
Created by Bradley Ross and Brendan Walsh – New York, NY 
Four misguided twenty-somethings transition into adulthood while managing their short attention spans, addictive personalities, and destructive tendencies amid the general anarchy that comes with waiting tables for a living.

“Trouble” (Dramedy) 
Created by Sean Skelton – New York, NY 
Fragile, young, A-list starlet Mia Warren’s career (and personal life) hangs precariously in the balance as she navigates the cold-blooded world of show business.

“Twinzies” (Comedy) 
Created by Lauren Bond and Jennifer Bond – Los Angeles, CA 
Lauren and Jennifer try to fix their relationship, dealing with personal challenges that unfortunately aren’t as identical as they are. Featuring Jim O’Heir.

“Unconventional” (Ensemble Comedy) 
Created by Jason Huber and Michael Carbone – Burbank, CA 
Failed comic book writer/artist Nate Jacobs and his misfit employees try to mount their own monthly pop culture, sci-fi, comic book convention: The Wrath of Con.

“Unidentified” (Sci-Fi Comedy) 
Created by Graceann Dorse and Mark Bracamonte – Brookly, NY 
A kooky father/daughter UFO investigation team uncover the truth about what’s a million light-years away…and what’s right in front of their faces.

“Union County’s Own” (Ensemble Sitcom) 
Created by Zachary Goldbaum and Brian Morrissey – Brooklyn, NY 
A group of old friends and hopeless misfits try to recapture their high school dreams of being rock stars…by getting the band back together.

“The Wake” (Sci-Fi Drama) 
Created by Noah Kloor and Jeff Bloom – Chicago, IL
In a post-apocalyptic world where resources are scarce, a small population tries to solve the mystery surrounding the power plant on the outskirts of their settlement.

“Whatever Linda” (Ponzi Scheme Dramedy) 
Created by Hannah Cheesman and Julian DeZotti – Toronto, CA 
What if it wasn’t Bernie Madoff who embezzled billions, but his cunning secretary? This web series explores the real story behind the epic rise and fall of the largest financial fraud in history.

“Witnesses” (Drama Thriller) 
Created by David Eisenberg and Jon Higgins – Astoria, NY 
Two young drifters scout their next targets by posing as Jehovah’s Witnesses, until their paths collide with a local police chief and judge who take a different approach when handing out justice.

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