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Fall TV Preview: The 10 LGBT Interest Shows We’re Excited For

Fall TV Preview: The 10 LGBT Interest Shows We're Excited For

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Where/When Is It On: Starting October 8th on F/X
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Created by professional gay Ryan Murphy, we can pretty much expect any edition of “AHS” to be an event for queer folks, even if there aren’t any queer characters. And the ante is arguably upped this time around, given it’s centred around a freak show and “the evil forces that don’t understand them” (metaphor alert). Add in the camp factor to the incredible cast of actresses (Lange, Bates, Bassett, Sidibe and Paulson are all returning) and we are beyond sold.

Watch the teaser trailer:

Faking It
Where/When Is It On: Starting September 23rd on MTV
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Only a few months after season one ended, MTV is bringing back “Faking It,” and we’re more excited than we expected to be when the show first started airing. While at first glance, the show seemed like a shallow, candy-colored high school sex comedy, its first season dove head-first into very real issues about female friendship and discovering one’s own sexual orientation in a turned-on-its-head high school where it’s cool to be accepting of everyone. It came across as less satire and more so a hope that schools could actually be this type of environment for its teens inhabiting the halls. And this year there’s an intersex character, which is essentially unheard of on series television and offers a lot of potential.

Watch the trailer for season 2:

The Flash
Where/When Is It On: Starting October 7th on the CW.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Out TV producer Greg Berlanti is bringing some queer to the world of comic adaptations (something another series sure isn’t doing) with CW series “The Flash.” While the lead itself isn’t (though he’s played by the incredibly hot Grant Gustin who played gay on “Glee” a few years ago), Berlanti has said he hopes to bring in gay comic book villain Pied Piper into the show within the first 13 episodes, and the series will also feature Captain Singh, who is in a relationship with Pied Piper in the comics. Gay villains aren’t exactly a revolutionary idea, but under the guise of the openly gay Berlanti we’re pretty optimistic. 

Watch the trailer below:


How To Get Away With Murder

Where/When Is It On: Starting September 25th on ABC.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Executive producer Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal”) has handed the reigns over to out writer Pete Nowalk (who wrote for both of their shows) as the creator of the latest series to get the Rhimes stamp: “How To Get Away With Murder.” Never underestimate said Rhimes stamp, or the fact that Viola Davis is making her way to the small screen to star in the series as a lawyer and professor who becomes entwined in a murder plot with her students. One of whom is openly gay Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), who judging from the pilot promises to be one the most interesting LGBT characters on television.

Watch the trailer below:

Marry Me
Where/When Is It On: Starting October 14th on ABC.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Following a couple (played by Casey Wilson and Ken Marino — both of whom its hard not to fans of) as they make their way from engagement to the alter.  The show comes from “Happy Endings” (R.I.P.) creator David Capse (whose married to Wilson and based the show on their experiences), which is another notch in the plus column. The gay catch? Wilson’s character just so happens to have been raised by two dads, both named Kevin and promisingly played by Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky. 

Watch the trailer below:


The McCarthys

Where/When Is It On: Starting October 30th on CBS.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? The only new network series with a lead LGBT character just so happens to be on.. CBS!? And it also sounds incredibly promising. The show stars Tyler Ritter as Ronny, a 29 year old gay man who gets a great opportunity to move to Rhode Island, only to be offered with a chance to work as an assistant basketball coach at his father’s high school. His family is over the top supportive of Ronny’s sexuality, so that’s not the series’ focus. It’s more about a working class family with a protagonist that just so happens to be gay, with a mother played by none other than Laurie Metcalf (“Roseanne,” though you should already know that). 

Watch the trailer below: 



Where/When Is It On: Starting October 5th on Fox.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Centered around former SNL writer John Mulaney, this seemingly standard comic-gets-a-sitcom series brings us Elliott Gould (former Mr. Barbra Streisand) as Mulaney’s next door neighbour, an older gay man who likes to give advice to the series’ lead. Of all the shows on this list, it’s perhaps the hardest we can honestly say we’re “excited” for (it sounds like the kind of show that gets cancelled by Christmas), but we’ve also failed to mention both Nasim Pedrad and Martin Short are other supporting players. And if any comic knows how to build a series around him or her, its by choosing a fantastic supporting cast. 

Watch the trailer below:

Red Band Society

Where/When Is It On: It started last week (September 17th) on Fox, and continues this Wednesday.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Focusing on teenagers in the paediatric ward of a hospital, Octavia Spencer joins her “Help” co-star Viola Davis on network television as a nurse at the center of it all in “Red Band Society.” And she’s aided by the return of Wilson Cruz, who twenty years ago melted all our hearts as Rickie on “My So-Called Life.” Cruz plays an openly gay nurse who has a long past with Spencer’s character, and series creator Margaret Nagle said more LGBT characters can be expected during the first season.

Watch the trailer below:



Where/When Is It On: It will be available streaming on Amazon at the end of this week.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? Full disclosure: If we ranked this list, “Transparent” would be way at the top. The series — about an elderly father who grapples with telling his adult children the decision to transition into a woman — comes from creator Jill Soloway (“Afternoon Delight,” “Six Feet Under”) and from the episodes we’ve seen, it’s under consideration from our favorite show of the year. Just watch it (but if you need to know more — here’s a list of tidbits).

Watch the trailer below:

The View

Where/When Is It On: It’s already on, every weekday at 11am on ABC.
Why Are We Excited and What’s The ‘LGBT Interest’? It felt like yesterday that we spent every single morning watching Rosie O’Donnell on “The View,” and the fact she’s back could not make us happier. Our mornings are a little less available these days, but now we have streaming, so Rosie (and Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez) will definitely be finding a daily presence in our lives one way or another, split screens or no split screens.

Watch the season premiere below:

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