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Kissing Blake Lively and ‘Making Out’ With Julie Bowen: Highlights from Justin Long’s AMA

Kissing Blake Lively and 'Making Out' With Julie Bowen: Highlights from Justin Long's AMA

With “Tusk” making waves at festivals, the spotlight is on star Justin Long. On Wednesday, the actor did a Reddit AMA where topics ran the gamut from his earlier projects as well as “Tusk.” In response to a fan asking if he “really goes full walrus,” Long kept things coy: “I don’t want to spoil the movie – you gotta go see it! But yes. Yes, I do.”

He was candid about almost everything else, from his favorite animal, to his family, to his experiences working with other actors. We’ve assembled some highlights below:

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He was once in love with Julie Bowen, who (incidentally) has a potty mouth.
“I was madly in love with Julie. She was the funniest, smartest woman I’d ever met – and she had the mouth of a sailor – she used to make the grips and camera guys blush. She sat on my lap once and ‘made out with me’ as a bit – I couldn’t even pretend to laugh, I was in such turmoil.”

He loved working on “Live Free or Die Hard.”
“Bruce and I both played pretty damn good practical jokes on one another. I think the one I pulled on him was better but he really went for it. There were surreal moments were I’d stop and step out of my body and realize I was in a car driven by John McClain speeding away from bad guys. It was a thrill.”

Kissing Blake Lively in “Accepted” was a bit awkward.
“I was considerably older than Blake so I remember being a little creeped out by that kissing scene we had to do – if I was, god knows how creeped out SHE must’ve been by it. I was way too old to be playing a college freshman (thanks, genes!) and Blake actually was the appropriate age. She turned 18 when we were shooting.”

But he loves her all the same.
“She had a Candyland-themed birthday party. There were cotton candy stations and chocolate fountains. Blake was and is the sweetest person. I used to do an impression of her for Jonah [Hill] – she would slap me and say ‘that’s not what I sound like,’ but, not to toot my own horn, it was pretty good.”

And Jonah Hill, too.
“Jonah and I became great friends. He was the funniest person, aside from my brothers, I had ever met.”

There is hope for “Jeepers Creepers” fans.
“There is a script [for the third] ‘Jeepers Creepers’ (it’s called ‘Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral’). Gina [Phillips] plays the lead in it (which would be awesome to see her come back and kick some ass). It’s been tough getting off the ground, financially, unfortunately. According to Victor, I do get my hands on a flashback.”

For all his big Hollywood movies, the most fun he ever had was on a smaller venture.
“[The most fun I ever had was on] a movie called ‘Strange Wilderness.’ We made up most of our lines, there was weed, there were ridiculous set pieces, Jonah Hill and I were living together and would drive to work and laugh non stop. [The movie] got a zero on Rotten Tomatoes – it was a good lesson in fun experiences not always corresponding to how the movie turned out. Though I really like that movie. You just HAVE to be stoned to appreciate it. I was a huge fan of Steve Zahn’s. It was a thrill to get to work with him”

He has no doubt about his favorite animal.
“Monkey. Easy. Being around monkeys genuinely makes me happier than when I’m around humans (even friends and family).”

He’s a family man.
“[Who’s your favorite superhero?]” “My dad #sappy #ThisFallOnABCfamily #LifetimeMovies #nausea”

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