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Once Supporters Now Critical of Actress Daniele Watts, as Civil Rights Activists Call on Actress to Apologize

Once Supporters Now Critical of Actress Daniele Watts, as Civil Rights Activists Call on Actress to Apologize

Clearly, this hasn’t worked out quite as well as the actress may have hoped. 

After going viral about a week ago, with countless voices sharing their support and encouragement of Daniele Watts – the black actress who claimed that she was detained by the LAPD for kissing her white boyfriend in public – many of those same voices have turned against her, after new evidence that wasn’t initially public, was released late last week (thanks to TMZ) – specifically an audio recording of the incident, as well as photographs taken by onlookers.

Comments left on Watts’ Facebook page have become increasingly negative. A tiny sample:

– “I’m black, but the latest audio that was released proved to MANY people that this Danielle Watts actress is a calculating, attention seeking DIVA who refused to cooperate… The cop was doing his job, was professional AND WAS VERY POLITE!”

– And another: “I guess you would be the girl who cried wolf? I am ashamed of this whole thing. Can we as black people stop pulling the race card EVERY single time we get in trouble.”

Even prominent Civil rights advocates, like journalist, author, sociologist, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who, at first, publicly jumped to Watts’ defense, is now speaking out, calling for the actress to apologize to the LAPD.

“I was one that was very outspoken about it,” he said to the LA NBC affiliate in the video below. “We take racial profiling very seriously. It’s not a play thing. It’s not trivial.”

He added that this was very much a teaching moment for him, and hopes others learn from it: “We began to see pictures that actually show that perhaps there was probable cause for the stop. There was provable cause for the detention… You must have your facts. You can’t rush to judgment. If you do that, you have no credibility… It’s like crying wolf,” he said. “After awhile, it has no meaning.”

Hutchinson, along with other Civil Rights activists held a press conference over the weekend Friday, on the matter.

For her part, Ms Watts has reportedly refused to apologize. According the the AP, the actress issued a statement through her publicist: “It is a constitutional right that we do not have to present ID to any member of law enforcement unless we are being charged with a crime.”

What do you think? Should she apologize? I also wonder how all of this will affect her acting career, which seemed to be blossoming in recent years, with roles in a few indies that got some attention, as well as bit but memorable parts in “Django Unchained,” and, most recently, alongside Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence in the new TV series “Partners.”

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