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Summer of /bent: The 14 Most Popular Posts of The Season

Summer of /bent: The 14 Most Popular Posts of The Season

For most of us, Labor Day is a pretty depressing occasion. It’s basically a funeral for the summer. So we’re offering up our 14 most popular posts from the season to try and give y’all something to numb away what might (and should given its Labor Day) currently be a pretty lazy day…

1. The Most Important LGBT Film, Television, Music and People Since Stonewall: Our Complete Reader’s Poll

With June being Pride Month, asking all of us to remember how we got where we are today, we thought it might be fun to start up an annual Pride Month poll here at /bent, asking our readers to tell us the films, television shows, books, and people (both fictional and real) that have been important to them in the past 45 years. Seventy-two people responded, and here’s the full results.

2. On Zac Efron, Homoeroticism and Gay Pandering: How ‘Neighbors’ Is The Gayest Studio Movie of the Summer
What fascinated us most about ‘Neighbors’ — both in how it got us into the movie theater and what we saw when we were there — extends well beyond it simply being a increasingly rare example of an excellent studio-produced comedy. It was more about how it might just be the gayest studio-produced comedy ever made. Especially considering it doesn’t even have a single (explicitly) gay character. Read more.

3. ‘Game of Thrones,’ Sex and HBO: Where Did It Go Wrong For TV’s Sexual Pioneers?
“Oh, Game of Thrones. Could it be we’ve gone a few weeks without a rape? Or should I say, rapes. How innocent it looks now, the controversial Jaime-Cersei scene, with its single demure assault of a grieving woman by her brother beside the poisoned corpse of their incestuously-begotten son. The next episode gifted us with a whole flotilla of angry cocks as – in another departure from George R.R. Martin’s source books – the Night Watch assaulted en masse the already serially abused daughter-wives of Craster. It made for grim viewing. Watch the scene for long enough and the Cersei-Jaime-corpse caper takes on the fond, sepia edges of an Edwardian picnic. Ah, for the rapes of yesteryear.” Read the whole piece here.

4. Why Don’t LGBT Movies Make Money At The Box Office Anymore?
There’s quite the slate of LGBT films heading to theaters in the next couple months, from 5 films during the month of August to “The Skeleton Twins,” “Lilting” and “The Imitation Game” soon after. But while we certainly hope they all prove exceptions, the odds are against them managing to make much of a dent in the box office. Read our report.

5. 7 Trans Films From The Summer Film Festival Circuit That You Must See

There’s no doubt that 2014 has been a big year for trans representation in film, and this summer’s film festival circuit made that all the more clear. So we asked trans artist, writer and filmmaker Ewan Duarte to run down his favourites from festivals like Outfest, Newfest and Frameline, and these were his big seven.

6. The 5 Best Gay & Lesbian Romantic Comedies On Netflix

Queer films often get ghettoized to a point where if you aren’t actively looking for them, you probably won’t see them in the spotlight, not unlike looking for an original cast recording of Company. You have your once in a while bursts of recognition, like Brokeback Mountain or Milk, but queer romantic comedies specifically almost never see the light of day outside of either your indie theater, your LGBT film festival, the Gay and Lesbian section on Netflix, or that unfortunate friend who actively decided to buy Were the World Mine on DVD. But why is it that way, beyond the obvious reasons of heteronormativity in mainstream media? So, I took it upon myself to plop onto my bed with my tub of ice cream, my stone cold bitch face, and my Netflix account to explore all that could technically qualify as a queer romantic comedy on Netflix, coming up with a personal 5 best.

7. Resting on Pretty: How Digital Media and Aesthetic Values
The influx of new pop singers, actresses, and TV stars provide a stable of great and talented female entertainers, but none stand out as a figure whose persona rivals that of any of the aforementioned women. This lack of gay icons is a result of the means by which younger generations are consuming popular culture. Read more.

8. 7 Reasons Why The Summer of 2014 Was The Gayest Ever For Hollywood Movies

Though summer itself actually still has a month left, the “summer movie season” ends this weekend. What it leaves behind is what should always be remembered as the gayest slate of films Hollywood has ever put out during its biggest blockbuster months. And we never saw it coming.

9. What Olivia Wilde’s ‘Tush’ Taught Us About Sexism (And How To Deal With It)

Olivia Wilde’s bottom can’t read. And neither can she because its hotness stops her. The medical community have long known that the development of an elegant posterior is the equivalent of growing a tumour on your frontal cortex. Fuck keeping your 12 year olds from sex and drugs, you’d best hope little Sarah grows a lumpy butt if you want her to stay in school. And so went the bemused, frustrated, kind-of-amazed-this-actually-happened conversation around Tom Carson’s review of Paul Haggis’ “Third Person”. Read more.

10. 12 Images Queering Disney Classics, From Prince Eric Going S&M To Snow White and Cinderella Making Out
Get ready for a glorious re-imagining of Disney’s classic animated films, thanks to artist Jose Rodolfo Loaiza.  From Maleficent and Ursula making out to a Grindr home page with various Disney folks, Loaiza goes where our minds probably have at least once or twice.  His exhibit “Profanity Pop” features the images and is running until August 31st at La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Angeles. They’re pretty amazing, and we’ve included 12 of our favorites here.

11. How I Raised $150,000 On Kickstarter: The Secret Is There Is No ‘Secret’

As storytellers, we are all familiar with how narratives are carefully constructed and presented to an audience.  As denizens of the internet we are all aware of the ways in which we curate our public images on social media, highlighting our achievements and downplaying our disappointments.  At this point it’s common knowledge that some of our friends haven’t changed their profile photos in half a decade (and let’s be honest it was probably retouched in the first place), yet no amount of recognition of this reality (or lack thereof) can erase the sinking feeling in our collective guts that our peers are so much more successful than we are.  They make it look effortless.  So why is it so hard for us to achieve the same ends?

12. Interview: ‘Love Is Strange’ Stars John Lithgow and Alfred Molina Are In Love In Real Life Too

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina’s heartbreaking, complex and perhaps even career-defining performances in Ira Sachs’ “Love Is Strange” are absolutely something to be seen when the film hits theaters this weekend after an acclaimed run on the festival circuit. As Ben (Lithgow) and George (Molina), the two portray an aging gay couple who — after finally getting the chance to tie the knot after 39 years together — run into serious financial troubles when George is fired from his job at a Catholic private school when word gets out about his nuptials. This evolves into a nuanced, beautiful portrait of not only their love but the love of the many friends and family members around them, with Lithgow and Molina providing the centerpiece of an impressive ensemble (that includes Marisa Tomei and Cheyenne Jackson). Though as wonderful as it is to watch the pair’s seemingly effortless chemistry on screen, it somehow doesn’t quite compare to witnessing it in person
As we know, playing an LGBT character has been a Oscar good luck charm to many an actor, from Sean Penn to William Hurt to Charlize Theron or Hilary Swank to Jared Leto…  But how many openly LGBT actors have won Oscars for playing LGBT characters? None. In fact, the only openly LGBT actor who has won an Oscar for playing a character of any orientation was Angelina Jolie for “Girl, Interrupted” (unless you count Jodie Foster or Kevin Spacey) and only a scant few others — Ian McKellan the only one for playing an LGBT role in “Gods and Monsters” — have even been nominated. The Emmys, however, are a much different story.

14. 8 Things We Learned About The Second Season of ‘Looking’ at Outfest
At L.A.’s Outfest, the cast and creators of HBO’s “Looking” gathered for a Q&A panel discussion about the show, which, although didn’t show any footage from the new season since they don’t start shooting for another month, did reveal a few nuggets of information to savor while we wait in anticipation for season two

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