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The 10 Best Tina Belcher Moments On ‘Bob’s Burgers’

The 10 Best Tina Belcher Moments On 'Bob's Burgers'

Tina Belcher
is one of the best animated characters on television today. Her raging
hormones, collection of horse figurines, and obsession with hyper-sexualized
zombies, all add up to a loveable teenager who is trying to cope with her
budding sexuality. Always marching to the beat of her own drum, Tina accepts
her eccentric behavior as a transitory phase between her naïve childhood and
her sensual womanhood. We all have a bit (or a lot) of Tina in us, which is why
she is such a fan favorite.

The fifth season of Bob’s Burgers
airs on Sunday, October 5th, and what better way to celebrate this
joyous occasion than with a list of Tina’s top ten moments/episodes.

“Mazel-Tina” – Season 4, Episode 13

Tina tries
her best to get invited to Tammy’s (voiced by Jenny Slate) Bat Mitzvah, but the
only way she can get in is if Bob will cater the event (he reluctantly agrees).
At the party, Tina becomes Tammy’s new assistant when Louise coaxes Janet (the
former assistant) to pursue her dreams. Tammy and Louise eventually get trapped
in a papier-mâché Tammy head, leaving Tina to substitute as “other Tammy.” Tina
dances with boys from other schools, chats with classmates, and soaks up the
spotlight. Though Tina flies too close to the sun (much to Tammy’s annoyance),
you can’t help but smile as she relishes this fleeting moment of adolescent

9.) “Two For
Tina” – Season 3, Episode 17

ambitious and complex sexuality suddenly make her the center of attention when a
dancer named Josh (voiced by Ben Schwartz) wants to take her to his school
dance. Her social stock skyrockets, making Jimmy Junior jealous that Tina isn’t
fawning over him. At the school dance, Josh and Jimmy Junior engage in an epic
dance battle, leaving Tina to claim the victor as her own. Suddenly, Tina has
the most brilliant idea that has dawned on any teenager: polyamorous love. She
wants to “put the ‘try’ in ‘triangle,’” but her open-mindedness is met with
awkward hostility from her beaux. She loses both boys in the end, but her
polyamorous fantasies will always keep her comfort.

“Broadcast Wagstaff News” – Season 3, Episode 12

Modeling her
journalistic career after that of Holly Hunter in Broadcast News, Tina auditions to be a school newscaster. The
school advisor deems that Tina’s lackluster personality would be better suited
behind the camera (serving juice boxes) than in front of it. Tina (with the
help of Louise) breaks free from her ancillary role in the newscast team and
she develops a continuing rogue news segment on a serial pooper (nicknamed the
“Mad Pooper”). Tina’s news segments become popular, but the official Wagstaff
news team wages a smut campaign against Tina (they claim she is the “Mad
Pooper” and they create a dramtic re-enactment of Tina pooping around the
school). Tina’s integrity is on the line, but she soon discovers the identity
of the real pooper, just in time to clear her name. 

7.) “Food
Truckin” – Season 2, Episode 5

Tina has
never been one to flaunt a diva attitude, but when a hipster mispronounces her
named as “Dina,” Tina suddenly gets a new alter ego and a new hairstyle (she
puts her hair clip on the other side). Dina is more ambitious and outgoing than
Tina, but is also prone to lying. Soon, Tina discovers that Dina’s divadom is
too much to bear and she reverts back to the loveable Tina that she once was.


6.) “Crawl
Space” – Season 1, Episode 2

The series
premiere introduced Tina as a black sheep with an itchy crotch, but the second
episode transformed her into an interesting (albeit, still overly sexual) tween
whose budding sexuality becomes a prominent characteristic. The entire episode
focuses on Bob’s cabin fever, but in one moment, Tina wins all our hearts.

At the dinner table, Tina discusses the evolution of her night terrors,
which stem from a childhood viewing of Night
of the Living Dead
. Tina elaborates, “I think my subconscious fears and my
budding sexuality are getting all mixed up…So I think I’m being attacked by
zombies and I start screaming, ‘Do you want to make out?’ And I make out with
it.” With one bit of dialogue – and an actual zombie dream sequence – Tina
transforms from a one-note caricature into compelling character. 

5.) “Topsy”
– Season 3, Episode 16

researching the life of Thomas Edison, the Belcher kids discover Edison’s (not
so) dark secret: he electrocuted an elephant named Topsy. Louise hatches a plan
to publicly humiliate her science teacher (who idolizes Edison) by hiring Gene
and Tina to perform in her science project as Edison and Topsy, respectively.
The episode is a jam-packed extravaganza with one of the best musical numbers
in the entire series, but it is Tina’s method acting (she attacks Gene while
making elephant noises) and her hallucination (she imagines a raspy Topsy
advising her to play the role of Topsy/pull her hair back) that add another
layer of humor to this already hilarious episode.


4.) “Boyz 4
Now” – Season 3, Episode 21

In an
episode that primarily focuses on the familial bond between two sisters, Tina
and Louise trek to the Boyz 4 Now concert where Tina fawns over the latest
tween heartthrobs. Little does Louise know that her own budding emotions will
come to fruition once she gazes upon the slappable face of Boo Boo (voice by
Max Greenfield). Unable to cope with these newfound feelings, Louise looks to
her older sister for advice. When not smelling the bandmates’ used sweatbands,
Tina delivers some of the best quotes imaginable, including, “I’m no hero. I
put my bra on one boob at a time, like everyone else.” Tina proves that she
doesn’t have all the answers, but that she – like everyone else – tries to
navigate adolescence/puberty the best way she knows how. Clearly, Tina wins at

3.) “Mother
Daughter Laser Razor”
– Season 3, Episode 4

Though the
main plot concerns Linda’s attempts to salvage the strained bond between her
and Louise, Tina’s subplot provides an interesting critique of societal beauty
standards. Fearing that her growing leg hair will make her an outcast, Tina
forces Bob to take her to get her legs waxed. She and Bob endure the pain of
waxing, and later relish in their smooth skin. However, Teddy’s remarks about his
love of his own body hair force Tina to rethink her decision. In one of the
best pop culture references on the show, Tina reimagines herself as Sarah
Connor during the dream sequence from Terminator
. Older Tina tries to save younger Tina’s anthropomorphized leg hair, but
the nuclear blast burns them to a crisp. Tina laments how she buckled under
societal standards of beauty, and has a touching moment with her father. It’s
this kind of satirical edge that makes Tina a interesting feminist character.

2.) “The
Belchies” – Season 2, Episode 14

In a plot
similar to The Goonies, the Belcher
and Pesto kids follow a treasure map (drawn by Teddy) to search for treasure in
an abandoned taffy factory. The factory is booby trapped, and the kids
immediately get separated from one another. While Louise talks to an inanimate
piece of taffy named Taff, Tina tries her best to cozy up to Jimmy Junior (emulating
herself after a character in a harlequin romance novel). When their journey
fails and the kids – along with Bob and Linda – get trapped in the factory (on
the day it is supposed to be demolished), Tina sheds her romanticized fantasies
and becomes a pragmatic character. She even delivers a brilliant mantra, “I am
a smart, strong, sensual woman.” Tina’s feminism and rational thinking save the
day, but her love of Jimmy Junior’s butt reels her back into her romanticized

1.) “Bad
Tina” – Season 2, Episode 8

We are all
capable of becoming rebels, but sometimes we need a gentle push in order to tap
into those hidden rebellious desires. (Un)fortunately for Tina, the new girl,
Tammy, forces Tina out of her comfort zone and into the body of a strawberry-lip-glossed,
dinosaur-tramp-stamped, side-ponytailed bad girl who doesn’t watch Dog Prom or pay for lip balm. Tina tries
her best to go back to her old ways, but Tammy finds a way to blackmail our
loveable teenager (she threatens to read Tina’s erotic friend fiction to the
entire school). What’s a confused teenager to do in this situation? If you take
Linda’s advice, you read the strangest erotic friend fiction imaginable, one in
which Tina (with flowing hair and a pink leotard) frees the imprisoned students
by touching everyone’s butts). Tina perseveres and shows that she is proud of
her budding sexuality, even if her classmates don’t understand it.

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