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Exclusive: Dario Argento on Crowdfunding ‘The Sandman’ with Iggy Pop

Exclusive: Dario Argento on Crowdfunding 'The Sandman' with Iggy Pop

Argento’s campaign kicks off Indiegogo’s horror month.

“I have long been thrilled and fascinated by the amazing films of Mr. Argento,” said Iggy Pop, in a statement. “All of which are master works, and also compellingly strange, beautiful and full of relentless terror. If I could play the Sandman for him it would make my life complete. I hope I have not just written my own epigraph.”

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The script was written by David Tully specifically with Argento in mind, as the film references classic Argento horror films like “Suspiria” and “Deep Red.” Also, Claudio Simonetti, Argento’s longtime collaborator, will compose the score, while Scott Weiland has written the title song to the film.

The Canadian and German film production team led by Daniela Tully, Jeff Rogers and Rob Heydon is hoping to raise $250,000 to help to make the film. Campaign rewards for backers include personal messages from Argento and Pop, “The Sandman” set tours and a role as a black-gloved killer in the film.

Argento recently granted Indiewire an exclusive interview to discuss the Indiegogo campaign and his new film:

I’m very curious to hear how you came about the idea of looking for funding for your latest project on Indiegogo.

Because it’s something exciting to have a relation with the fans, my fans, my good fans. And then participating in the project, it’s something that’s very, very exciting for me. It’s the first time in my life, it’s good to work with so many people, the crowd… It’s marvelous to work with everybody. The idea excites me a lot. 

And was part of the appeal then that your fans could feel like they are part of the film?

Yes, yes, participate in this — the film. Fans also become producers of the film and this is something new, this new idea for the production for films, it’s marvelous, yes. Fans participate and maybe even suggest ideas or suggest actors. It’s good, good — very marvelous project.  

So will you ask fans for specific input on ideas as well?

Yes, yes, exactly, exactly. I like to support the fan with the ideas, for everywhere, for everything. 

What sort of rewards did you have in mind for backers of the campaign? Autographs or photos from the set?

Yes, a picture from the set and maybe have someone come to the set to see our working. Maybe speak by telephone to suggest me something or send me letters or come for the premiere.

Was this project developed with Iggy Pop in mind? 

He liked to work with me and I liked to work with him and we had many circumstances that got to this big meeting. Me and Iggy Pop together, it’s marvelous to work with him. I know he liked to work with me. Good, good experience. 

Where do you plan to shoot the film?

Of course one part in New York for sure because it’s in the screenplay. And then the other… in the country… on the mountains and maybe we shoot in Canada or North United States. But also in Northern Italy because it needs some landscapes, strange and dark. Very, very… yes. Dark. Very dark.

How was the filmmaking process changed since you started?

I think for me for it’s the same things. Just the help of the fan on my back, they help me, they support me and this is something important for me.

Now that you’re a worldwide recognized director, does it become easier to get funding?

Yes, much more easy.
And any plans for your daughter [Asia Argento] to play a role in this film?

No, no, my daughter, no. This time, no. After six times, this time I want to be free. [Laughs]

What do you think Iggy Pop brings to the role of the Sandman?

I think he was so happy to do this particular character. I think he’s happy, I know that. He had lots of declarations of speeches of saying “I’m happy to welcome this character and also to work with Dario” and for me, the same declaration. I’m happy to work with Iggy Pop, he’s a person I admire for a long time. 

Will there be any of Iggy Pop’s music in the film? 

No, no musical elements from Iggy Pop. He’s an actor in the film. 

You will have complete directorial control on this film. Is that a first for you?

Usually I have complete control of my films. I have control of my films because usually I am producer of my films. All my films I was producer, but this time I’m not producer, but I’m in control of films, of course. 

And will this film reference your previous films?

No, I don’t make reference of the past films. It’s something very original. But maybe references come from Giallo films, because this is Giallo — very strong, very hard and very bold. This is something that come from my… you know when I say Giallo, what it means? 

Not exactly.

The films, my films is Giallo. I do many films named Giallo — it’s something mystery, something that’s very particular for me, for my work.

So what does Giallo mean to you?

It means mystery. Something very difficult to explain, but fans for sure know what I will portray. 
Do you hope to continue making films? Are you planning on more after this one or are you just focusing right now on this project? 

This project, I like a lot. And also I have one project, to direct an opera on the stage. I like lots of opera and melodrama and the stage. This is a new opera. I do the director — not conductor of course, just director. 

No plans to slow down as you get older? No retirement?


Check out the poster for the film below and visit the campaign page here.

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