Michael Mann’s “Collateral” comes to mind, especially during the Red Circle sequence, though Leitch and Stahelski favor a less impressionistic style, using clean, wide compositions and pivoting camera movements to emphasize the finesse of their performers. Their use of Kaleida’s sparse, slinky “Think”—one of the most effective and eccentric sound track choices in a recent action movie—underscores the sense that what the viewer is watching is essentially a very loud and bloody dance piece. Read more.

Stephanie Zacharek, The Village Voice

That’s partly because Reeves is just plain awesome and partly because “John Wick” was made by people who understand action: Leitch and Stahelski have been working for years as stuntmen, and “John Wick” features the most beautifully choreographed action sequences I’ve seen in an American movie in years. None of that “Expendables”-style muddy camera work and ADD-sous-chef editing here. Read more.