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Juno Temple on Coaching a Nervous Daniel Radcliffe Through a Sex Scene For ‘Horns’

Juno Temple on Coaching a Nervous Daniel Radcliffe Through a Sex Scene For 'Horns'

You should recognize Juno Temple. Daughter of famed director Julien Temple, the English actress, now 25, first got started with a role in his “Pandaemonium.” She then went on to appear in strong supporting roles in “Notes on a Scandal,” “Atonement” and more recently in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” Now, after appearing in about 30 films, we get to see the actress do something different in Alexandre Aja’s dark horror-comedy “Horns,” which will opens October 31 in select theaters and on video on demand platforms.

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“Horns” stars Daniel Radcliffe as Ignatius “Ig” Perrish, a young man who, a year after his girlfriend is mysteriously killed, wakes up with horns growing out of his head. While his whole town – -family and friends included — think he’s responsible for her murder, his newfound horns, and the interesting influence it gives him, helps Ig determine who was really behind the murder of his true love. Temple plays his deceased girlfriend, who appears in a series of flashbacks (sometimes naked), and is essentially the emotional heart of the tense drama.

Indiewire had the opportunity to speak to the actress in her New York swanky hotel room about the film and what else she is up to. After showing us her awesome panoramic view, we sat down on the floor of a living room area where we discussed her sex scenes with Radcliffe, her fear of technology and her love for Jennifer Lawrence

First off, what are you going to be for Halloween?

This weekend me and my boyfriend are discussing going as “Cast Away.” He would go as the Tom Hanks character and I would go as Wilson. Or we may be going to a party where you have to go as works of art. So I was thinking of going as—do you know Man Ray? I want to go as the glass teardrops. So I’ll make myself black and white with really great glass teardrops. Those are the options this year. I love Halloween. I always have. My parents were always very big on it. 

Is it big in the U.K.? 

Weirdly not, actually. But my parents always have been. And we take fancy dress (the English phrasing for costume party) in my family house incredibly serious. I mean we still have a big fancy dress box that’s up on the roof. Any occasion to be in fancy dress at my house we did. And also, my entire childhood was spent in fancy dress. It’s hard to find actual pictures of me unless they are school pictures where I am not in a wig with weird lipstick and shit. 

So moving onto “Horns”…

It’s not that big of a difference actually. I hope next year Dan’s Ig—people want to wear those horns. 

What made you want to play this character specifically? I’m sure you get a lot of offers. What made you stop and think this is something I want to do.

Well first and foremost I could not predict what was going to happen on the next page because I hadn’t read the book before. You didn’t know whether it was going to become this crazy mass murdering horror movie and it surprised me, the amount of different emotions I felt through it. Also, ultimately it was a love story. I really really enjoyed that. With Merrin too. What I thought was cool is that she’s a memory for the whole thing. When you think about how treasured your memories are—memories are the most magical thing and the idea of playing a memory, especially through the eyes of your true love — it’s funny. I went to see Bob Dylan last week and I was just thinking, “Think of the fucking memories that man has.” Memories are such a beautiful thing so I thought it was a real honor to play a memory. I also liked that she was a character that throughout the script you reveal more and more about her. She starts off as one thing and then it becomes another thing. You are questioning what is going on with her. So it’s this kind of great puzzle that needed to be figured out. Also, just the idea of Alex Aja and Dan playing these important roles in these films. Dan playing Ig and Alex directing it. I was like, “This is going to be dope.” 

Tell me a little about being naked in the woods in Canada.

God. I don’t even remember. When I had to be really naked it was in a studio in a fake treehouse. That was funny because it was just awkward always—doing sex scenes. Me and Dan had this funny moment where it was, I believe, his first male-female sex scene and he was like, “How is it? How does it go?” I told Dan, “I guarantee you that a few moments after we start shooting you will be asked to put your hands on my bum cheeks. It will happen at some point.” Literally we go in and five minutes later I was like, “Told you so.” But then I think of the scene where I’m not naked, but literally in a slip in a forest in Canada and it was minus four. Fucking crazy rain machines. It was brutal. But also so key for that scene — the scene between me and Max Minghella. It’s just this horrible scene to do and when you bring the outside elements—adding in cold, adding in wet, adding in darkness, adding in real nature which you aren’t in control of—really heightens the fear factor of everything. I always think location is so key to a movie. You don’t really think about it until you’re there and in it, but it makes such a difference.

You spoke a little bit about Daniel Radcliffe, but how was it working with him and having him as an onscreen lover?

He’s one of those people who you can really listen and learn from in every single topic on the planet. And he is so giving as an actor that we just had a great time. It felt like hard work, but also you felt that at the end of the day it was the most rewarding kind of hard work. Acting is so about reacting to what’s happening around you and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime in that. Also, getting to know him as a human being. He’s such an interesting, talented and brilliant young man. I hope we are friends for a very very long time. 

I’m surprised the two of you hadn’t overlapped sooner.

I’ve been playing American so long now, I definitely sort of migrated over here. Not that I’m not excited to do more English things—I miss speaking in my English accent—but I’m surprised we hadn’t either. It was worth the wait. 

Speaking of the accents, do you have any tricks to get such a believable accent?

I live in L.A. I have for six years. I’m surrounded by standard American accents all the time. So I listen a lot. I also trust people to tell me if I’m sounding rubbish. It’s funny because American accents are around you all the time. Anytime you are watching a film there’s normally an American accent. I did grow up as part of a “Clueless” generation. I truly spent every weekend watching “Clueless.” Sometimes I have to be reminded not to sound like a Valley Girl. With standard American I find that I don’t really need a dialect coach anymore. But I remember once doing a movie in England where we say “twat” (pronounced tw-ah-t) and you guys say “twat” (pronounced tw-ought). I remember that coming out and that being an issue. But that was such a weird thing to me because you’d think it would be the other way around. I remember that being a language barrier. That was funny. 

This film is definitely an unconventional romance. What do you think about non-traditional forms of dating, like online dating and those types of things?

I’m in a relationship, but I’ve never been part of that cyber world. I don’t have Facebook. I don’t have Twitter. I just got an Instagram. I think Instagram is awesome. Whatever makes you happy. I’m so open. I think love is one of the most important things in life and so if you want to find it that way good luck. I’ve never done online dating and I’m an Internet idiot. I literally learned to send an email when I was 17. To this day I use the Internet for things like Netflix, eBay and Gmail. It’s kind of where the world is going now. Everything is becoming cyber. I’m a bit technophobic. I guess the whole thing with online dating is you ultimately do meet the person. I just hate the idea of relationships that are not physical anymore. Physicality is so important. Even with friendship, you know. Skype is great because it fills a void where you can’t be around people, but can you imagine if life was just being on Skype? That would probably be where you send me to hell. If I was going to hell that’s what it would be. I’m not going to judge anyone for online dating at all though. No way.

You brought up Netflix. I’m assuming you watch a lot of TV.

I mean of Netflix “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” is what I’m obsessed with. 

If there was anything you could star in what would it be?

I definitely would love to do a character on “Orange is the New Black.” I love that show so much. I just think it’s so great to have a show that’s completely female-oriented. Big advocate for that. My boyfriend is on a show right now called “The Knick,” which is one of the best shows ever created. It’s such a brilliant show so I’m so proud of him and so excited to watch that and be proud of someone in it. I also shot a pilot for HBO this summer, which I’m going to keep my fingers crossed gets picked up because I really do think TV is breaking so many boundaries right now. It’s just awesome.

Can you talk about that pilot?

Not really. I’m not allowed to, but it’s gonna be awesome. It’s all set in the 1970s in New York and it’s very music-oriented, which is so up my alley. And Martin Scorsese directed the pilot so it was a dream job for me. I learned more this summer than I think I will ever learn ever again. I was just so inspired and he’s the master. I feel very lucky to have gotten to work with him. 

Between this film and your last couple — “Sin City,” “Jack & Diane,” “Killer Joe” — you seem to be drawn to these scandalous and dark characters. Is that a conscious thing?

No, not really. It’s very much about being drawn to the character. Also, I got to play a pixie in “Maleficent.” It’s definitely about changing it up and being open. I want to try everything. It’s been complicated because sometimes people think I’m a lot younger than I am. So I’m excited that I’ve finally started hitting puberty on camera. I’m not going to be in high school forever. I guess I get excited about female characters and sometimes they’ve been supremely troubled and figuring their stuff out, coming of age sort of things, and sometimes they’re an imaginary creature or whatever it is. Directors are also key for me. Any role I’ve embarked on has only been also due to the friendship and relationship with the director. You have to wholeheartedly trust each other. What’s been exciting about a lot of these troubled girl roles that I’ve played is that I’ve really trusted the director. I’ve been able to be a complete and utter puppet and go as far as we need to go and know that they are going to be there if I go too far. 

Is there any genre or something you haven’t done that you’d like to do?

I definitely would like to give comedy more of a go. I think comedy is terrifying. Being a comedic actor or a comedic person in general is so awesome because it’s all about timing. Life is a bitch and so boring if you can laugh at yourself. I definitely would like to do that. Maybe a Judd Apatow comedy or something? That would be great. Ultimately, I’d like to try something on stage. Still a bit nervous about that, but I know the time will come. Dan has definitely told me that I need to give it a go because it’s one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. The only thing that I wouldn’t be great at is a proper horror movie because I’m not great at screaming. I’m a smoker so a high pitch scream…

Are there any dream directors/actors or anyone in the industry you’d like to work with?

Yeah. There are millions. But Quentin Tarantino. I really desperately want to work with him. I would love to work with Martin Scorsese again and again and again. The Coen Brothers I would love to work with too. I’m hoping that I would get to work with my dad soon. I would love to have that kind of collaboration. Acting-wise, I think there’s so much talent out there today. It’s almost hard to list a group of actors you want to work with because there’s so many people to learn from. People that are younger than me too. I mean I’d loved to work with Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s absolutely genius. Talk about being able to do comedic and dramatic. She’s just got it. She’s nailed it and I love her. Maybe one day we’d get to do something together. I’d love that. 

Is there anything outside of acting that you would like to try or do?

I’m obsessed with lingerie. I want to design lingerie one day. I really do. I almost went to fashion school. I got accepted into London College of Fashion two years running, but then kept taking movie roles instead. Definitely acting is my passion, but I love lingerie. I have sketched a lot of designs and one day It’s such such an interesting concept, making lingerie. It’s almost like the engineering of the design work. A corset, underwear and bra. It’s incredibly intricate. Also as a woman, underwear can be really an amazing thing. It can make you feel so many different things. It’s very much a personal thing. It doesn’t have to be for men or other women. It’s just for you. 

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