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New ‘Interstellar’ Clues Revealed (Video)

New 'Interstellar' Clues Revealed (Video)

The Hollywood Report pulls ten new details about “Interstellar” from its recent roundtable with the cast and director Christopher Nolan. Here’s what we know about the film thus far from THR, and the recent Entertainment Weekly exclusive on the film, which was handily recapped by Vulture. Early inside buzz on the film is high, but what self-respecting industry player would publicly disparage Nolan’s film on Twitter anyway?

On Tuesday night, Anne Thompson collected intel from the American Cinematheque career tribute to Matthew McConaughey (handed to him by Nolan) and met “Interstellar”‘s consulting astrophysicist (and Stephen Hawking pal) Kip Thorne. (That story is here; THR roundtable video below.)

The film opens Tuesday night, November 4, in 70mm, IMAX and 35mm screens: 4k digital and regular digital will play wide Friday, November 7.

Nolan insists that the science behind “Interstellar” is authentic: “If a wormhole could be brought into existence, it would be possible,” says Nolan, who worked with theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. “It’s really one of the only ways it would be possible because the distances involved are so vast. It’s one of the tremendous, limiting factors about whether we could ever find other inhabitable planets; the nearest star within our galaxy [involves] thousands of years of travel.”

Jonah Nolan originally wrote the script for Steven Spielberg: “I always thought it sounded like a very exciting project — certainly it’s a good sign if your brother’s working on something [with Spielberg],” says Nolan. “When I saw the opportunity to get involved, I didn’t hesitate.”

Nolan says his film need not be “fully understood”: “I don’t think it does…And I think that ‘2001’ is one of those rare instances where it’s a purely cinematic narrative and it really tells you that it doesn’t need to be understood — it needs to be felt. But it also becomes one of the great inspirations and one of the great touchstones that you can talk to anyone about.”

The sky will rain dust: Yup. Per THR, “Nolan took inspiration from the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, but with a twist. The film’s version will have a dust storm that is like a downpour of rain.”

There’s a robot in the film: According to the EW story, the main characters are McConaughey, Hathaway, Bentley and Brit actor David Gyasi, who we know little about. But there’s also a robot onboard named TARS. According to the “Interstellar” wiki, he’s a “robot with angular limbs and a sarcastic attitude.” Neat-o.

Nolan altered the script so that Jessica Chastain’s character could be a woman. She plays McConaughey’s daughter who remains on Earth while Dad goes up in space and per the theory of relativity, she gets older while he more or less stays the same age up above.

Nolan loathes green screens. So we’re going to see a lot of rear projection for the starscape backgrounds and in-shot special effects instead of a lot of post-production wizardry.

More bits and bobs from Indiewire here.

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