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‘Scandal’ Epsiode 403 Recap: David Rosen Finally Learns That in Order to Be a Real Winner, You Have to Be a Goon

'Scandal' Epsiode 403 Recap: David Rosen Finally Learns That in Order to Be a Real Winner, You Have to Be a Goon

It seems that despite all of backlash from the Republicans, David has been officially been named United States Attorney General. This concession from the Conservatives does not mean that they are willing to give up their right to bare arms. Not at all! Even with Fitz’s moving State of the Union address, David is not faring well on the gun control bill. That is until he decides to get a little dirty, and put some of the information Jake turned over to him to use. More on that later.
In other news, Cyrus has let Michael the Male Escort turn him out. This is extremely disturbing to me because even though I know Cyrus is heartbroken and lonely, he’s usually able to spot foolishness like this coming from a mile away. Not only did he let the man call him “sweet” but he also paid him  $2500 + gratuity for his favors. (I guess to replace that dry lump in his throat with something more “satisfying”….ummm no comment.)  That MBA/Business school line was for the birds. This smells like a setup from a mile away, and as much of a Monster as Cyrus can be, I really did not want to see him be the demise of the Grant Administration.
Poor Mellie seems to be doing better this week; she’s graduated from her robe to an oversized sweater. She also seems to be seeking out some way to contribute to society.  It’s almost tragic really. Even before her son’s death,  I think that Mellie was constantly trying to find her place, discovering how she would be useful as the First Lady.  She takes the case of the “Killer Cliff Bride” using all of the resources at her disposal, only to humiliate herself and revert back into her depression. I’m going to really need Shonda to let Mellie have her due because this is getting sadder and sadder by the week.
Olivia once again finds herself trapped between two men. This time it’s Papa Pope and Jake. I really need Liv and Abby to make up because at the point when Liv is bringing her crazy daddy coffee, and doing Sunday Dinners at his house with Jake, her gut is really not working.  Also, Jake has come to play. He knows all about Papa Pope’s role in Fitz’s son and Harrison’s death and he’s out for blood.  Shit can and shall hit the fan I’m sure. A war is coming.
Speaking of Jake and Olivia, didn’t anyone ever tell them that “Friends With Benefits” never works because someone always catches feelings? Jake is all pressed because he’s not Olivia’s man so he’s withholding everything but sex, and Liv is all pissed because he won’t do boyfriend things. I’m going to really need these two to get it together because they’re becoming as tired as the Olitz Saga.  (Though it was amusing when Jake tried to tell Olivia he was working and she played him with “You don’t have a job.”)
Anyway, when he was “working” Jake discovered that Charlie also played a role in the demise of Harrison and Adnon. He tracks Charlie down and only get’s him to talk in exchange for a night with Quinn. (GROSS).  I was pleased when Quinn stood up for herself at first, but of course my enjoyment of her lasted all of sixty seconds. I then had to listen to Charlie go on and on about how nobody likes her but him, (this turns out to be true because Huck and Olivia never even realize she’s missing.) and then they start kissing. Can Quinn not be attracted to psychopaths? Remember that nice normal reporter from Season 1? He was rather enjoyable.
In this episode we find out that Olivia and Abby went to law school together, which is how their friendship began. (I’m excited for this back-story.) Though they still aren’t on speaking terms, I have a feeling that the case Olivia is working on will bring them back together.  
Olivia finally has an interesting case. Her old friend and law school classmate Catherine calls her up because her daughter Caitlyn is missing. (Can I just say that I knew something was up because Catherine was way too nonchalant about her missing seventeen-year-old daughter. ) Turns out that Caitlyn has gone AWOL because she’s discovered her disgusting pedophile Mama has been doing the nasty with her boyfriend; sex-tape included. (BARF). I can’t blame the girl for running. Liv, not quite back in her groove, pieces all of this together just a tad too late, and instead of finding Caitlyn they find her dead body.  Mama Catherine is obviously the number one suspect; even Liv thinks so. And may I take a moment to say that as tiny as Kerry Washington is, apparently she is quite strong. She thrust that woman up again the wall so quick. (You don’t mess with kids, so Catherine deserved it). 
As I mentioned previously Abby and Olivia still aren’t talking and Abby is still really bad at her job. Yes Cyrus yells and her, and Fitz doesn’t know her name, but Olivia would never have let Mellie humiliate herself like she did in that farce of a meeting on the “Killer Cliff Bride”.  The only reason Fitz even bothers to learn Abby’s name is because he remembers she’s tight with Olivia and he thinks can use her for information on Liv.  (Abby really wants to be in the Presidential bubble…like real bad.)
Back to David Rosen. He’s thoroughly enjoying his time in the Fitz Administration bubble.  He’s adamant about winning the gun control bill not only for his own personal reasons, but also because he sees that Fitz is struggling. Fiz is back on the drink, and no good can come of that. He even gives David a sad speech about how all of this (stealing the White House, killing the old judge lady, his son’s death, dealing with Mellie, losing Olivia, etc) has to be for something. His Presidency has to mean something in the end or else of it was all for nothing. 
Hearing this, David decides to use his power to blackmail one of the judges (we will call him Judge Drunkard) into passing the gun control bill. It turns out that the judge had been drinking and driving when he killed two people back in the day.  David gets his bill passed and Judge Drunkard shoots himself in the head.  (Lesson one to David. All actions have consequences.)
As usual I have questions
1. Now that Jake seems to have discovered Secret Service B6-13 Agent Tom’s role in Baby Fitz’s death, do you think Tom will have a more prominent role?
2. Why wasn’t Olivia’s hair wrapped when she was sleeping?
3. Did you notice that Quinn was missing?
4. Can Lizzie get a new hairstyle? I really can’t deal with both her and Cyrus’ hair in the same scene.
5. Will Cyrus spend the Black babies education fund on Michael the Male Escort?
What did you all think of Scandal this week?

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