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‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: The Show That We Once Worshiped Has Returned!

'Scandal' Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: The Show That We Once Worshiped Has Returned!

Shonda has given us our “Scandal” back! She’d been giving us “Scandal Lite” for the past few weeks, but it was all building up to something.  After last night not only has the Scandal that we worship returned, but Ms. Olivia Pope herself has finally shown up!

The show opens with Jake in some back alleyway looking real shiftless and suspicious. If you recall, the last time Jake was roaming around in the dark he ended up murdering James. Anyway, I was correct, the man was up to no good because he promptly blows up a car.

Shortly thereafter, he shows up at Liv’s and for once she seems to be paying him some mind.  She attempts for genuine and normal conversation. (Girl what?! I thought you and Jake had an understanding and “talking” had nothing to do with it.)  Jake’s zoned out anyway, he’s completely consumed with this whole Rowan situation. Of course when he finally decides to come clean to Olivia about her father’s involvement in Gerry and Harrison’s deaths, she has not one second for him and rushes out of the house on assignment.

Liv’s mysterious phone call turns out to be Karen Grant, the President’s daughter. Ya’ll she is both drunk and high, laid out in some frat house bedroom in her drawers. Quinn is not amused. (Karen is such a cliché, but I will give the girl some credit, she was able to slip her secret service detail.)

Anyway Liv slips into fixer mode and gets the girl out of the party unnoticed, disturbing poor Cyrus from twenty- five hundred dollar Male Escort Michael in the process.  (It was rather dope when Huck shut down all of the cell service in the party so no one could video Karen’s walk of shame.) Now of course this isn’t the end of this saga, because that really wouldn’t be much of a scandal.

In the midst of all of her foolery and teenage angst,  Karen has managed to escape from her boarding school, drink herself into a stupor, smoke some reefer and have a threesome. The latter of which is caught on tape by one of the boys who participated. Obviously, this isn’t going to be swept under the rug quietly. Cyrus has to go get Fitz out of bed for this nonsense.

Fitz is so horrified at the idea of his daughter’s sex tape and threesome that he tries to convince her and himself that she was raped. (Because, on some level that would be more acceptable to him, then finding out that he has sexually active, rebellious and angry daughter.) Liv isn’t having it. Instead she tell him, “Everyone girl is someone’s daughter.” (And that’s the TRUTH, instead of slut shaming and covering things up, people need to start fixing real issues and problems that are at the root of this type of behavior.)

Fitz begs and pleads with Olivia to find the boys and the sex tape before it reaches the public. Since his puppy dog eyes still move her spirit Liv agrees to take the case (sigh).

Obviously the sex tape would be catastrophic if it got out, so Liv, Quinn and Huck (the remaining three) are all working out of the White House to make sure that it never sees the light of day. Abby, or “Red” as Cyrus calls her sees them there,  and home girl is NOT having them all in her space with out her being in on it. Of course Father Cyrus get’s her together quickly like he always does. He says,  “As for feeling small , I don’t do that to you.  I suspect that jealously does that to you.” (A lovely midday read delivered swiftly and pungently from Cyrus.) He basically goes on to tell her to stay in her lane because she will never be in the bubble and that Olivia will always be the White House’s first choice. Poor Abby has nary a word to say to that.

Our beloved treasonous Secret Service Agent Tom returns and unfortunately it doesn’t look like for long. He’s stuck in the middle of Jake and Rowan’s war, which is the last place on earth anyone wants to be.  All three of the men are skittish and paranoid which is disastrous. Still, like always I’ll put my money on Big Papa Rowan, because we know how he do! Jake is trying to stay in the game; he tells David Rosen that if anything happens to him then Rosen should release the B613 files. Of course, David is a scary little wimp and he refuses. Jake has to threaten him with a neck snapping to get the files back.

Back to Cliché Karen, she spends all day in a room with Liv and the Gladiators trying to figure out whom she slept with. (Girl, I’m going to need you to get your priorities together.) Unfortunately her shenanigans has forced and Olitz reunion. They get to staring at each other the way they do, until Liv tells him a Black ass lie! She tells him she was off somewhere in her feelings all-alone.  In reality we all know she was on a beach with Jake between her legs, red wine between her lips and a paperback of Gone Girl. Why lie?! You don’t owe that married man not one thing!

After Liv lies to Fitz she attempts to go on with her day until Mellie sees her strolling around the White House. Apparently, seeing Liv awakens Mellie out of her stupor, which commences in an epic showdown between Fitz and Mellie.  He accuses her of being completely checked out to the point where she can’t even mother her children.  (We know what Karen has been up to, and apparently baby Teddy thinks some nanny is his mama.)It’s awful but true. He even goes as far as to tell her about Karen’s sex tape. It appears that that doesn’t even faze Mellie. She says, “A sex tape? She takes after he Daddy then doesn’t she. “ Whelp

Quinn (who by the way I’m beginning to enjoy) tracks down one of the boys from the sex tape and forces him to give up the second boy. Liv reaches out to boy number two’s parents thinking they will be reasonable people that will turn the tape over. But no, that is not the case. Instead they ask for a cool 2.5 million for their trouble and discretion. (Is this really the state of the world?)

Liv has to bring news of the extortion to Fitz who whines, cries and provides her with digital pleasure. In order to escape the trap of his magical fingers, she drops the bomb on him. She tells him she was not at all alone during her time away. (I guess Fitz truly is failing at all areas of his life.)  Ya’ll know how Fitz acts when he feels threatened by other men in Olivia’s life. I know you recall the broom closet incident of season two.) Pissed, Fitz decides to pay the people their money. He exclaims,  “Let’s just do what my father would do, throw money at the problem and sweep it under the rug.” This pathetic little scene was worth it though because shortly thereafter OLIVIA POPE RETURNS.

These awful people (who are supposed to be somebody’s Mama and Daddy) think they can ask Olivia for even more money and she is going to just bend to their will. (The Mama even calls Karen a dirty little slut!  Ma’am you do realize that your foul little devil spawn was on the tape with her.) I guess Olivia has had enough for the day. Jake isn’t retuning her calls, Fitz is pleasuring her one moment and disgusted by her the next, Melllie has accosted her. It’s all much too much and Ms. Pope has decided that she is done playing these bald-headed ass games. She lets these people HAVE IT. I lived, died and lived again. This is the Olivia Pope that was missing during the entire third season.  She tells the people she is going to DESTROY them if they continue with their extortion attempts, and she means it.

While Liv is making it all better, Mellie finally sobers up and remembers that she has a daughter.  I’ll admit she tells Karen the truth. She says double standards are firmly in place so she can’t lash out sexually for attention, especially not as the President’s daughter.

Meanwhile shit is about to go down. As I stated previously, Jake and Rowan are in the midst of war. Jake had been running around throughout the entire episode trying to get to Fitz and Olivia to tell them the truth. Of course, when he finally does find Fitz he is in his feelings, and is not trying to hear him out. Tom is done and he knows it. Deciding that sticking with Rowan may be his last stitch effort and staying alive, he lies and tells Fitz that Jake ordered Gerry’s death. Jake is led away to God knows where and I doubt Olivia will be seeing him or riding any parts of him in the near future.

So here are my questions this week:

  1. Aren’t ya’ll glad “Scandal” is back for real for real?
  2. Why didn’t Tom have a back up plan or at least an escape route? He must have seen this disaster coming.
  3. Is Mellie going to finally pull it together?
  4. Is Quinn attempting to make us like her?
  5. Did ya’ll see Huck’s face when he was listening to Liv leave Jake that voicemail about dinner?! (Hilarious)

What did you all think of “Scandal” this week?

Aramide A Tinubu has her Master’s in Film Studies from Columbia University. She wrote her thesis on Black Girlhood and Parental Loss in Contemporary Black American Cinema. She’s a Black Cinema geek and blogger. You can read her blog at:   or tweet her @midnightrami

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