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7 Romantic Comedies That Should Never, Ever Get a Sequel

7 Romantic Comedies That Should Never, Ever Get a Sequel

For a long time, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” seemed like a standalone film. A quirky, one-off indie success — scoring big with critics and the box office alike. But twelve years out from its original release, we find the surprising news that there will be a sequel. And with the original producers already attached!

You can’t help but wonder, if this film is on the table, what else is? It seems even the most unique, indie romantic comedies are up for grabs, sequel-wise. It remains to be seen how “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” will fare a second time around, but here are seven films we definitely don’t want to see:


Why it could happen: It seems unlikely, because “Moonstruck” has become such a classic. But, in 2002, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” seemed the 21st century’s Greek answer to the classic Norman Jewison film. So who knows if it’s safe.
Why it shouldn’t happen: In this case, it comes down to the two principals. Like a fine wine, Nic Cage has aged to take on a more complex, challenging flavor. It’s almost impossible to picture him returning to Ronny Cammareri without adding a little extra than what the role requires. No doubt Cher could still handle playing Loretta, but we all know that 2010s Cher has joined Twitter. No matter how well timed her slaps may be, her tweeting is a tough act to follow. “Can anyone c me” is the new “Snap out of it!”


Why it could happen: With old decades coming back into style, there’s guaranteed to be a nineties revival every few years, and “Clueless” is quite popular among the Tumblr set. Plus, there’s this. They already did a TV show without Alicia Silverstone, so you never know!
Why it shouldn’t happen: “Clueless” is more than a great film, it was also a major cultural moment. When a film’s invented slang makes its way into popular usage, a sequel is doomed to be an afterthought. Like, could a new “Clueless” could give us any true gems? Could it compete with “full on Monet” or “way harsh”? As if!

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Why it could happenOn a tiny budget, the film did very well. It also helped solidify the career of “Felicity” star Keri Russell, following a lull in the years after the show ended. Maybe after “The Americans” is over…
Why it shouldn’t happen: The film’s world and characters are engrossing, and another story could easily be told by them, but a sequel would be a disrespect to the untimely death of writer/director Adrienne Shelly.

“But I’m a Cheerleader”

Why it could happen: They both fell off a bit in the early 2000s, but the film’s actors RuPaul Charles and Natasha Lyonne have had career resurgences with very successful shows — “Orange is the New Black” for the latter, and “Drag Race” for the former.
Why it shouldn’t happen: This was a fun romantic comedy, and it’s lack of convention set it apart — “Cheerleader” had crazy “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”-style sets, angsty young people and Mink Stole! Considering the cast’s ages and today’s politics, the sequel would probably be about domestic life, so it’d be hard to keep up the irreverence of the original. Plus, the issue of gay change therapy isn’t charged in the same way, now that it’s more widely condemned.


Why it could happen: It was a major surprise hit; when studios hear “Bridesmaids,” they see dollar signs.
Why it shouldn’t happen: Kristen Wiig will have no part in it, and her rationale is one of the big possibilities for why a successful film doesn’t get a sequel. In Harper’s Bazaar, Wiig said: “We knew during the first one, this was it. We would have made a lot of money if there was a second one, but that’s not my goal in my creative life.”

“It’s Complicated”

Why it could happenGreat box office, and director Nancy Meyers is “unabashedly commercial.” She also wrote both “Father of the Bride” and it’s sequel. On the other hand, it’s been a few years since the film (2009), and she hasn’t yet directed another sequel.
Why it shouldn’t happen: The film tells the story of a transitory affair between a once-married couple (Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep). The ending goes from satisfying to sad if you find out they get together again. On the flip side, the best parts of the film are Baldwin and Streep’s scenes together, so a sequel not about their romance would also suck.

Annie Hall

Why it could happenOkay, it probably couldn’t. But “Carrie” got a remake, so who knows!
Why it shouldn’t happen: Too many reasons. It could never work. Alright, one caveat, maybe if Steve Coogan were in the driver’s seat.

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