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Watch: ‘Better Call Saul’ Reveals How Saul and Mike Met

Watch: 'Better Call Saul' Reveals How Saul and Mike Met

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Man, I don’t know why I watch “The Walking Dead” sometimes. I like it okay, though I think the characters aren’t too smart, as people go — like, I wouldn’t throw a bitchfit about killing people the way Tyreese does, because it’s the zombie apocalypse, after all. Sometimes, there are casualties. You learn that, when you’re in the Air Force. Even if you’re just dropping bombs… 

But I was watching last night, because it was just a little bit too quiet around the apartment, and I was… Well, yeah, I’d been drinking. Man alone at home, no kids around, wife still mad even though it’s been 15 months and nothing’s happened with Linda since that one time — he’s allowed to have a few drinks and watch some television. And I’m glad I was watching! Because we got a real clip from “Better Call Saul,” right in the middle of the episode!  

I mean, it’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen: We already know that Saul’s kinda a jerk, and so here he is, being a jerk in a parking lot. God, I hate it when a guy doesn’t pre-pay for their parking, does the whole credit card routine at the gate, and this is even worse! C’mon, Saul, just because you got problems doesn’t mean you have to hold up other people. It’s just polite. 

But while I think I’d already read in the paper that the guy who played Mike was gonna be in it — damn, I’m still glad to see Mike. I mean, I always liked the guy — Mike always reminded me a bit of my drill sergeant from basic, but in a good way. He let Tomas get away with murder. Well, not real murder. It wasn’t a zombie apocalypse or anything, after all. Just Desert Storm. And now I guess we know how Mike and Saul met! That’s pretty cool. I mean, it didn’t work out well for Saul, in this clip. But I bet things go better, down the line, for both of them. 

So last night wasn’t too bad, all things considered. Got a bit of a headache this morning, but that’ll go away with some coffee. And while a clip isn’t quite the same as a real trailer, we definitely know that this show exists now. They’ve definitely shot scenes of it. That’s a big comfort to me, to be honest. With Christmas coming, and everything… Good to know there’s stuff to look forward to, beyond the end of the year. Best way to make it through 2014 is to know that there’s good stuff to come in 2015.  

Rob T. Jenkins lives in Richmond, Virginia and is definitely a real person. “Better Call Saul” premieres February 8, 2015 on AMC

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