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Anthony Mackie Says ‘Selma’ Oscar Snub Is Because Voters Are “Tired of Race”

Anthony Mackie Says 'Selma' Oscar Snub Is Because Voters Are "Tired of Race"

First of all, I have to thank one of our U.K. contributors, Jana Sante, for sending this tidbit
to me and also for her comments regarding Mackie’s comments; in short, that she suspects it’s “…a very fascinating career move on his part,” adding that she wonders “if it’ll
enhance his prospects.”

I think she
is very much on to something here. Does he really believe what he said or is
playing that “game” that Hollywood expects black actors to play to succeed? The
same game Kevin Hart played in that recent Hollywood Reporter profile, in which he
said that he’s “not interested
in politics.” Don’t rock the boat, be grateful and be “safe.” Leave
the opinions to white guys like Michael Moore, George Clooney and Seth Rogen.

So what did Mackie
say? Well, in a recent interview with The Grio (HERE), promoting his new film, “Black and White,” when asked about that whole “‘Selma’ and the Oscars” controversy, he
said that Oscar voters were turned off by the film’s subject matter: “People are just tired of being bombarded
with race right now. So everybody is shying away from certain topics and
certain movies.”

Or in other
words: “Hey we gave the Oscar Best Film Award
to a black film last year, and we didn’t even like it, so what are you bitching
about now?”

And he further
implied that David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay did not get Oscar nominations
basically because he felt they weren’t good enough, that the Oscars “aren’t being discriminatory, but that they
are simply rewarding the best the industry has to offer this year.”

Seriously? I
mean did he actually see “The Theory of Everything”? Talk about excruciatingly dull
and unbearable. Genius Brit nerd gets really sick, and eventually his wife gets
tired of dealing with him, and marries someone else. End of story. And talk about inaccuracies.
Even the filmmakers admitted that they made radical alterations to the real
life story of Steven Hawking at the request of him and his ex-wife. So what’s this nonsense
about the so-called historical inaccuracies in “Selma”?

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”? Now I admit I like Wes Anderson, but if you’ve seen one Wes Anderson film, believe me, you’ve literally seen them all. What’s the difference between “Hotel” and “Moonrise Kingdom,” or “The Life Aquatic,” or “The Royal Tenenbaums” or… You get my
drift. And you know already how I feel l about “American Sniper.”

But, hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion (I should know since most people disagree
with mine). So what do you say? Is Mackie being genuine, or playing “the game”?

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