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Chiwetel Ejiofor in Talks to Join Cast of Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange.’ But for What Role?

Chiwetel Ejiofor in Talks to Join Cast of Marvel's 'Doctor Strange.' But for What Role?

I’ll defer to Doctor Strange experts to chime in with thoughts on what role exactly he could be “in talks” to play in the movie.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is indeed said to be in talks to take on a role opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel’s upcoming “Doctor Strange” big screen adaptation; in talks meaning, no deal has been signed yet, but the studio is apparently very high on Ejiofor for whatever part it is they have in mind for him to play.

So it sounds like it’s Ejiofor’s to pass on. 

A villain of some sort, perhaps? Although, assuming the movie’s villain is Doctor Strange’s archenemy Baron Mordo (a Transylvanian during the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), it’s unlikely Ejiofor will be considered for the part. Although I can’t see Ejiofor taking a peripheral role in this – really in anything at this point; not when he’s either attached to, or is up for leading man roles in other projects.

Another key character in the Strange universe, known as the Ancient One, is another possibility. According to the Marvel Wiki, he was born over 500 years ago in the Himalaya Mountains, in the area now known as Tibet. In his youth, he learned how to harness mystical energy to use to benefit his fellow villagers. He aged at a very slow rate, and lived for five centuries – a life devoted to combating evil sorcerers, and would eventually become known as the sorcerer supreme of the Earth dimension, who would later become a mentor to Doctor Strange, who would inherit the title of Sorcerer Supreme, after the Ancient One. The Ancient One would finally come to exist in a nonphysical realm, advising Strange.

Previous rumors were that Morgan Freeman, Bill Nighy and Ken Watanabe were all contacted for the part. But no word on whether any of them is formerly attached. 

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