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Lady Sif (“Thor”) Could’ve Been a Black Woman. Check Out Some Early Concept Art of the Character

Lady Sif ("Thor") Could've Been a Black Woman. Check Out Some Early Concept Art of the Character

Thanks to the folks at Hitfix, who uncovered these early/pre-production designs for the character known as Lady Sif, who appeared in both Thor movies – 2011’s “Thor,” and its 2013 sequel, “Thor: The Dark World.” In both films, she was played by actress Jaimie Alexander. 

As you can obviously see, some early concept illustrations of Sif (by Warren Manser, one of a number of artists Marvel hired to come up with ideas for the character) show what, to me, looks obviously like a black woman (Jamie Alexander is white, I should mention). But before you get worked up, with cries of whitewashing, the character, as originally drawn in the comics, is a white woman (although, we’re talking about characters who exist in a fictitious world known as Asgard; so, really, they could be green as far as I’m concerned). So Jamie Alexander’s casting was accurate.

But, as Hitfix wonders, given what we see in these images, there might have been some very early instruction given to the artists about the character, that influenced the concepts they each came up with – specifically, Warren Manser’s, which are embedded within this post. Unless the only instructions they had to take into consideration were broad, meaning, they were essentially free to be as imaginative as they could be, and weren’t asked to narrow down their character trait choices (physical and otherwise) to only a handful. And, thus, these creations are entirely Manser’s own ideas, absent of any influence from Marvel.

It’s something that we’ll likely never know; unless there’s some Blu-ray commentary on this that I’m not aware of. Enlighten me, if that’s the case.

So, all this to simply wonder what could’ve been, if Manser’s concepts were what eventually ended up as Marvel’s templates for the Lady Sif character that ended up in the last 2 Thor movies.

By the way, according to the Marvel wiki: Sif was born a second generation goddess of Asgard, her parentage not revealed. As a child, she had golden hair and was an occasional playmate of Thor and his half-brother Loki. Odin, lord of Asgard, had long deemed Sif to be a fitting mate for his son Thor, heir to the throne. The two became lovers and companions. Eventually, they pledged to marry. However, Thor’s attachment to earth frequently came between them. Sif much preferred the world of the gods to the mundane world of mortals, and after attempting to adjust to Earth life on more than one occasion, she returned to Asgard to live without Thor. 

So sad what happened to their relationship…

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