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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 4 Episode 3, ‘Female Author’: Standing Up for Ourselves

Review: 'Girls' Season 4 Episode 3, 'Female Author': Standing Up for Ourselves

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Love her or hate her

Let’s call it tough love. After spending 2.5 episodes
whining about her current situation, Hannah finally embraced her own
personality and status by owning up to who she is (with a little help from
Elijah). Turns out standing up for yourself was a theme for the episode, with
Marnie finally telling Desi like it is, Adam putting Jessa in her place and
Shoshanna breaking out the honesty in an awkward job interview.

Another cringe-worthy

Just when we finally thought that Hannah was going to get
some respect following an Olivia Pope-esque speech, the writing group decided
they were having none of it. An awkward silence and a bum crack-baring,
couch-diving move later, Hannah was deemed the group’s new Lindsay Lohan.
Whether she gains any respect with those people remains to be seen, but now
that Hannah has decided to respect herself, hopefully she’ll remember why she
joined the program in the first place and actually sit down to write.

A growth spurt

Pairing Adam and Jessa together had disaster written all
over it, so when Jessa stopped to use the public street as a urinal it came as
no real surprise that the cops showed up and arrests ensued. It was a sweet
bromance move when they called Ray to bail them out, but in the larger scale of
things the arrest served as a catalyst for both characters. Adam realized he’s
not into the immaturity and trouble-making that Jessa brings, while Jessa
finally understood that she needs to be better to her friends if she wants to
keep them around. Jessa admitting to as much when Adam was ready to walk away
(and Adam actually turning around) was a key moment for both of them.

But then, a fall from

Whereas it may have looked like Marnie was getting her crap
together in terms of Desi, without Ray the audience must question whether she
would have had the courage to stand up for herself and have that honest
conversation with Desi, had she not slept with Ray. There is the draw of a
former love and then there is falling into old habits. Ray and Marnie’s little
hookup was the later.

How many shots to
forget that time…

Jessa showed the world her backside tan lines via Skype?

This week in

This episode’s winning duo would have to go to Jessa and
Adam. Before their shenanigans they proved that they get along quite well as
friends and understand each other in a way no one else can, thanks to their
sobriety and AA meetings. Had the arrest not happened, viewers wonder whether
those two would toe the line and hook up despite Hannah. Turns out Adam is sort
of seeing someone else (“whatsherface”) and Jessa opted to stay out of it by
not telling Hannah. Fair point, but one that Hannah could take as Jessa picking
Adam over her, if she were to eventually find out.

Lock it up

Despite Hannah’s chain growing progressively bigger, that
bike just isn’t staying put. Almost like the fact that no matter how hard
Hannah tries to lock herself into life in Iowa, she’s clearly not handling
herself very well there and needs to be back in New York.

Where do you see
yourself in five years?

Ann Taylor Loft sounds like the dream job Shoshanna never
really wanted, but only she would throw away a for-sure thing in order to land
the job she actually wanted. Obviously that will backfire in the near future.
That’s too bad, because we could have definitely seen her character heading up
cardigans and trend jewelry. 

Most telling quote
goes to…

“You’re uncomfortable in your own skin.” – Eljiah might be
missing his calling as a life coach.

Runner up: “I see you’re still wearing that same, sad
kimono.” – Elijah FTW

Girls” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. Next week:
Hannah is in for a confrontation while Shoshanna turns to Ray.

Grade: B+

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