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These Films & TV Series Are Leaving Netflix’s Streaming Library at the End of This Month (January)

These Films & TV Series Are Leaving Netflix's Streaming Library at the End of This Month (January)

It’s not quite the end to another month, although we’re just 3 days away; it’s also a time when Netflix’s usual monthly purge of films from its streaming library happens. So if any of the below listed movies is of interest to you, now is the time to watch them, because, on February 1, 2015, they’ll be gone!

By the way, for a list of films that will be added to Netflix’s streaming library next month, click here.

Here’s the complete list of titles that will disappear on February 1 (maybe you’ll find a few to add to your weekend watch-list):

“A Bit Of Fry And Laurie” (1987-1995)
“Airheads” (1994)
“Allosaurus: Walking With Dinosaurs Special” (2001)
“Apocalypse Now” (1979)
“Apocalypse Now Redux” (2001)
“Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State” (2005)
“Batman Returns” (1989)
“Blackadder” (1983-1989)
“Bleak House” (1985)
“Bleak House” (2005)
“Blue Mountain State” (2010-2011)
“Canterbury’s Law” (2008)
“Chased By Dinosaurs: Three Walking With Dinosaurs Adventures” (2003)
“Colosseum: A Gladiator’s Story” (2003)
“Come Fly With Me” (2010)
“David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials” (2008)
“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”
“Gavin & Stacey” (2007)
“Goldfinger” (1964)
“Hiroshima” (2005)
“Hyperdrive” (2006-2007)
“Invasion Earth” (1998)
“Jekyll” (2007)
“Kidnapped” (2006)
“Little Britain” (2003-2004)
“Mad Max” (1979)
“MI-5” (2002-2011)
“Miss Marple” (1984-1986)
“Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery” (1987)
“Miss Marple: 4.50 From Paddington” (1987)
“Miss Marple: The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side” (1992)
“Miss Marple: They Do It With Mirrors” (1991)
“Outcasts” (2011)
“Pompeii: The Last Day” (2003)
“Survivors” (2008-2010)
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (1990)
“The Blue Planet: A Natural History Of The Oceans” (2011)
“The Inspector Lynley Murders: Missing Joseph” (2002)
“The Inspector Lynley Murders: Payment In Blood” (2002)
“The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Well-Schooled In Murder” (2002)
“The Juror” (1996)
“The League Of Gentlemen” (1999-2002)
“The Life Of Birds” (1998)
“The Life Of Mammals” (2002)
“The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries” (2000)
“The Planets” (1999)
“The State Within” (2006)
“The Tick” (2001)
“Waking The Dead” (2000-2005)
“Walking With Beasts” (2001)
“Walking With Cavemen” (2003)
“Walking With Dinosaurs” (1999)
“Walking With Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs” (2005)
“Wild China” (2008)
“Wives & Daughters” (1999)
“Yellowstone: Battle For Life” (2009)
“Zodiac” (2007)

Expiring February 2, 2015

“Jem & The Holograms” (1985-1988)
“Littlest Pet Shop” (2012-2013)
“My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas” (2005)
“My Little Pony: Dancing In The Clouds” (2004)
“My Little Pony: Friends Are Never Far Away” (2005)
“My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” (2010-2013)
“My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade” (2006)
“My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow” (2006)
“My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure” (2009)
“The Adventures Of Chuck & Friends” (2010-2011)
“Transformers Prime” (2010-2013)
“Transformers: Rescue Bots” (2011-2014)

Expiring February 4, 2015

“Phineas & Ferb” (2007-2011)

Expiring February 5, 2015

“Arbitrage” (2012)

Expiring February 23, 2015

“Dredd” (2012)

Expiring February 28, 2015

“Ali” (2001)
“Monkey Trouble” (1994)
“Panic Room” (2002)

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