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Watch: ‘Better Call Saul’ 2-Minute Trailer Shows Bob Odenkirk in Action

Watch: 'Better Call Saul' 2-Minute Trailer Shows Bob Odenkirk in Action

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So, it was Saturday, and for January it wasn’t a bad one here in Virginia. Cold, but sun was shining, and with the Redskins out of the playoffs I was just enjoying a lazy day on the couch with the games. And not just any couch, but MY couch, in MY house. With MY family — Sammy and Jessie and even Karen. Things aren’t 100 percent with Karen yet, but I’ve been staying over on the weekends, just to try things out, ever since Christmas. 

But then Sammy, who can’t just watch one thing at once (of course not) shows me his iPad, where he’s got the YouTube up. Sounds like there’s some fancy press thing happening out in Pasadena, where all the TV people get together and talk about TV? Bet the snacks are pretty good there. And at this TCA press tour or whatever, they were doing a bunch of talking about “Better Call Saul,” which meant a whole new trailer! 

And wow, I’ve been waiting for a real trailer for this show for months now, so this is damn exciting, I gotta tell you. So yeah, I trade my phone for his iPad so that while I watch, Sammy can try to get past this Candy Crush level I’m stuck on. (Yeah, I like Candy Crush. Man’s gotta do something in between first downs.)

Two whole minutes, this trailer! And we get to see Saul in court, and doing an impression of that old movie “Network” — one of my favorite movies, so that’s very exciting. And that guy Michael McKean is there, as well as Mike again — I remember that scene, that scene they showed back last year! Pretty funny. It looks like a real show now. Like something a guy can really sink into.  

So the trailer ends, and I’m feeling good. Then I hear Sammy grunt, that teenage boy grunt like he just saw one of those videos where a guy gets hit on the nuts. But he’s not watching a video on his phone — wait, my phone…

Because that bitch Linda had just texted me. I mean, I’d told her that I was back home on the weekends, that me and Karen were patching things up, but no, Linda just had to make a thing about it…  

Sammy looked at me. Then he looked at his mother, who had just walked into the room. Karen saw our faces, saw my phone in Sammy’s hand… 

My life would have been a whole lot simpler if I’d married a less smart woman. I love Karen, but that’s a damn fact. 

Maybe Walter White had the right idea. I shoulda gotten a second cell phone. Not that things really worked out that great for him… Who knows. Point is, I’m back in the apartment now, back to square one. 

But at least I got “Better Call Saul” to look forward to. A TV show. That’s… That’s something, I guess.  

Rob T. Jenkins lives in Richmond, Virginia and is definitely a real person. “Better Call Saul” premieres February 8, 2015 on AMC

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