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Weekend B.O. Jan. 23-25 (The Steamroller Effect)

Weekend B.O. Jan. 23-25 (The Steamroller Effect)

steamroller, of course, is “American Sniper,” which probably has now taken over “Selma” as the most controversial film playing today, with all the articles and
comments, pro and con, about the film; like from Bill Maher, who recently said that
film was about a “psychopath patriot.” Or, as former Democratic presidential
candidate, Howard Dean, said, it’s basically an “angry” film that appeals to
“angry” people, and there are a hell of a lot of them out there.

Nevertheless, the film made some $64 million this weekend, and a total so far of  $200 million domestically. At the rate it’s
going, it could easily make the top five list of all time biggest grossing Warner
Bros films domestically, even beating other WB films, such as “Inception,” “The Matrix
Reloaded,”  the Harry Potter films – “The Sorcerer’s
Stone,” “The Half Blood Prince,” “The Goblet of Fire,” “The Order of the Phoenix, and “The
Deathly Hollows Part 1.”

As for “Selma,” the film held pretty well, dropping only 35%, for a $5.5 million take this weekend, and
just over $39 million so far. As I said last week, the film will easily do at least $50 million domestically, which is a very good return for the $20 million movie. And
if it can’t make another $10-15 million between now and the Oscars, then
something went wrong.

The George
Lucas produced animated film, “Strange Magic,” pretty much went bust this weekend; though, I suspect that, nowadays, any film with the name “George Lucas” on it, is the
kiss of box office death.

In the
meantime, “The Boy Next Door,” which every critic is calling a truly dreadful
film that’s destined to become a camp classic, and one of the funniest films of
the year (unintentionally that is), came in second with $15 million. And come
to think of it, that might actually br good news for any film starring Jennifer Lopez.
Except for “Out of Sight,” and “Anaconda” (another camp classic, but an
intentionally funny one) has Lopez ever appeared in a good film?

or not, the film is already a big success, since “Boy Next Door” was made for a
reportedly super low $4 million, and some are saying that it could
actually revive Lopez’s long dormant film career.

As for
Johnny Depp, when exactly did things go wrong for him? He was once, briefly, the
biggest movie star in the world, judging from the worldwide box office totals for
his films. But these days, nothing seems to go right. He’s been in a bad slump
recently, and his latest new comedy, “Mortdecai,” isn’t going to help. Reviews, both
here in the U.S. and the U.K., felt confident enough to call the movie “The
Worst Film of 2015,” and we’re still in January. (The film wasn’t screened for the media in advance, unlike “Boy Next Door,” which was. That’s how bad “Mortdecai” is)

The $60 million film completely tanked this weekend earning a measly $4 million, making it the lowest b.o. opening for any Depp movie, since his little seen suspense horror film, “The
Astronaut’s Wife,” back in 1999. No wonder he’s agreed to do a fifth “Pirates
of the Caribbean” movie with Javier Bardem, though nobody was asking for one.

Perhaps it’s time for Depp to scale back and make some low -budget independent films without the makeup or the mascara or the funny accents and play a real person with dealing real issues showing another more naturalistic, relatable side of himself.

1) American Sniper  WB  $64,365,000  Total: $200,137,000 
2) The Boy Next Door  Uni.  $15,001,000 
3) Paddington  W/Dim.  $12,391,000  Total: $40,062,000 
4) The Wedding Ringer  SGem  $11,600,000  Total: $39,677,000 
5) Taken 3  Fox  $7,600,000  Total: $76,051,000 
6) The Imitation Game  Wein.  $7,136,000  Total: $60,642,000 
7) Strange Magic  BV  $5,534,000 
8) Selma  Par.  $5,500,000  Total: $39,220,000 
9) Mortdecai  LGF  $4,125,000 
10) Into the Woods  BV  $3,886,000  Total:  $121,494,000 
11) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies  WB  $2,805,000  Total: $249,576,000 
12) Unbroken  Uni.  $2,056,000  Total: $112,421,000 

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