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Weekend B.O. Jan. 9-11 (‘Taken’ Takes Hold)

Weekend B.O. Jan. 9-11 (‘Taken’ Takes Hold)

Despite the
fact that the film has gotten, what will no doubt be, some of the worse reviews
for any film to be released this year, and that it wasn’t screened to the media in
advance, to prevent any reviews coming out on Friday, “Taken 3” commanded the box
office this weekend.

The film
opened with $40.4 million this weekend, which is less than what “Taken 2” opened
with at $49.5 million, but it was a lot more than the first “Taken” film, which opened
with $24.7 million. Though producers have said that “Taken 3” will the third and
final installment, if the box office figures hold steady, a fourth one will
probably be soon in the works, provided Liam Neeson gets the  $20 million he was paid for “Taken 3.”

“Selma,” which, as expected, came in second, admittedly
didn’t exactly live up to expectations; but that doesn’t mean the film is out
for the count. It grossed some $11.2 million, which is about $5-6 million under
than what it was expected to make this weekend, but it still had the second highest
per screen average of the top 20 films.

No doubt, the lousy weather in most of
the country was of no help (it’s always risky to release a film in January), and, keep in mind that “Taken 3” is playing on almost 1400 more screens than Selma.

But there isn’t
a film currently out now that has stronger word of mouth than “Selma,” and the
interest to see the film is still very strong. And though it’s being rumored that The
Golden Globes’ website may have accidentally leaked the news that Selma won the
award for Best Drama picture (we’ll know tonight), potential GG awards wins
tonight and possible Academy Awards nominations, which are being officially
announced this Thursday, will boost interest.

On top of that, since next weekend will be the extended MLK holiday, look for “Selma’s” next
weekend numbers to hold steady, even with Kevin Hart’s “The Wedding Ringer” coming out Friday; in fact, they may probably rise. I’m still predicting that the
film will at least make $60 million domestically, and it could easily do equal that
number overseas, which is a great return on the very modestly budgeted $20 million
film. We’ll see when the film starts opening this week in Europe and South

Meanwhile “Unbroken,” “Into The Woods” and the latest “Night at the Museum” movie, have all crossed the $100
million mark in just 3 weeks; and “Annie” looks like it’s headed to do  least $90 million, and a little bit over that

1) Taken 3  Fox  $40,400,000 
2) Selma  Par.  $11,200,000  Total: $13,487,000 
3) Into the Woods  BV  $9,750,000  Total:  $105,272,000 
4) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies  WB  $9,435,000  Total:  $236,517,000 
5) Unbroken  Uni.  $8,368,000  Total:  $101,602,000 
6) The Imitation Game  Wein.  $7,624,000  Total: $40,840,000 
7) Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb  Fox  $6,700,000  Total:  $99,523,000 
8) Annie   Sony  $4,919,000  Total:   $79,437,000 
9) The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death  Rela.  $4,825,000  Total:  $22,334,000 
10) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1  LGF  $3,750,000  Total:  $329,525,000 
11) Inherent Vice  WB  $2,900,000  Total:  $4,480,000 
12) Wild   FoxS  $2,700,000  Total:  $30,339,000 

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