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French-Martinican Rapper-Turned-Actor Joeystarr Adds to Growing Slate w/ ‘Buddy Guards’ (Trailer)

French-Martinican Rapper-Turned-Actor Joeystarr Adds to Growing Slate w/ 'Buddy Guards' (Trailer)

I remember when we first started writing about Frenchman Omar Sy on this blog, a good year before he got Hollywood’s attention. And now he’s enjoying a slate of work that includes some high profile studio projects, and certainly isn’t lacking in terms of roles being offered to him.

Maybe, a year or 2 from now, we’ll be saying a similar thing about Joeystarr, the French-Martinican rapper-turned-actor (or maybe not; he may not at all be interested in heading west like Sy has). 

None of the movies Joeystarr has starred in have been formerly released here in the USA (or, at least, English-subtitled versions of them for non-French speakers), but I’m hoping that, eventually, one of them will be picked up by an American distributor and released in these United States, because I’m really curious to finally see what this actor can do on screen, given just how active he appears to be in French cinema, especially in what look like rather high profile, mostly action/thriller projects – likely a rarity for a French-Martinican rapper-turned-actor in France.

Up next for the busy Joeystarr is a buddy action comedy titled “Les Gorilles” (or “Buddy Guards” in English) which follows the actor playing a veteran bodyguard of famous people, who is forced to train and work with a young recruit, whose methods are very different from his. The odd couple is given an assignment that has them protect a famous singer who is being threatened by her ex, who happens to be a criminal on the run.

Manu Payet plays the younger recruit.

Directed by Tristan Aurouet, the movie is set for release in France, in April of this year.

Unlike Joeystarr’s previous films recently covered on this blog, this one actually might travel far and wide. I say that because its new trailer comes with English subtitles, which those for past Joeystarr films we share, did not (at least a thorough search on my part turned up nothing). And none of those films has been formerly released in the USA. It’s also worth noting that Unifrance (a French organisation that promotes French films outside France) is onboard the project, which likely helps.

The trailer for “Buddy Guards” is below.

Last year, Joeystarr co-starred in the crime thriller titled “Colt 45,” from Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz, which also featured the acting talents of Egyptian actor Amr Waked.

Joeystarr also recently co-starred in “The Losers” director Sylvain White’s adaptation of French author Jean-Christophe Grangé’s dark and macabre thriller “Miserere,” alongside Gérard Depardieu.

That film was released in France in June 2013, and it did screen at the African Diaspora Film Festival here in New York City, but didn’t receive an official release – whether theatrical or home video.

Joeystarr continues to build a library of work that contrasts the comedies made by another pair of black Frenchmen who also seem to be doing very well as actors/entertainers in the country – Thomas Ngijol and Fabrice Eboué; names readers of this blog will be familiar with I hope.

And they’ve all been seemingly successful without crossing over to find even more success in the USA, like Omar Sy has now done. And they may be absolutely content with that. After all, not everyone craves a Hollywood career.

But these are a trio of actors (Joeystarr, Thomas Ngijol and Fabrice Eboué) you should pay attention to anyway. Although there are others, these 3 just seem to dominate when it comes to French movie press I read, and information I receive on movies (especially higher-profile, mainstream projects) starring black French actors.

Here’s the brand new trailer for Joeystarr’s latest, “Buddy Guards” (full poster above).

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