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LatinoBuzz: A Belated Valentine’s Day Edition

LatinoBuzz: A Belated Valentine’s Day Edition

We wanted to let everyone get their hopes and getting “50 Shades of Grey” out of your system before we completely ruined Valentines with awful memories
of hearts being crushed to a pulp. So, we caught up with current and future Latino filmmakers we actually do love! We asked them about their worst
dates (because we love bringing up the past.) Their fave love story and anyone in the movies they’ve crush on. Give them so ‘Follows’!

Daniel Armando – (Filmmaker) What It Was

Worst Valentine’s date: There’s a Valentine’s date I remember and it wasn’t because it was a bad date, but because it was a realization I had. The sun was
shining, the birds were chirping, and the stroll through the park was lovely. It was the ideal perfect Valentine’s date, but I was slowly realizing that it
was with someone who didn’t feel the same way I did. I felt bad because I wish I had spent it with someone who did feel the same way and who I truly loved.
A romantic film that comes to mind is Forrest Gump. The love that Forrest had for Jenny is amazingly beautiful. Through all the excitement, confusion, and
chaos that surrounded his life the one thing he was sure about was his calm, simple, and never-ending love for Jenny. He’s not a smart man, but he knows
what love is.


Douglas Spain – (Producer/Actor) North By El Norte

My favorite cinematic love story is ‘The Terminator’. Yes, it’s an amazing Sci-Fi/Action film but at the core it’s a love story: A man travels back in time
to save the woman he fell in love with via a photo that was given to him by his unbeknownst son. His future was 2029, which isn’t too far away and
interestingly enough, people nowadays fall in love via photos on Instagram. If a man traveled back in time to be with me you can bet I would never
terminate that relationship. LOL. I did try online dating once and the guy was not the same from the pictures on his profile. After some small talk, I said
to him, “I’ll be back.” But unlike The Terminator, I didn’t come back. Instead I hauled ass out of there.


Jessica Molina – (Host/Producer) Daily Dos

Years ago I went out with this fella who tried to impress me with money – never a good idea. He picked me up in (his sister’s) Range Rover. He was in med
school and broke down how much money he was going to make each year following his graduation. Dude pretty much talked about himself the whole date. To top
it off, based on his suggestion, we went to a restaurant but he barely ate because he’d already eaten. Nothing a girl loves more than to be stuffing her
face alone on a first date! The conversation was lacking, but I do remember the food was delicious! I don’t have a favorite love story that comes to mind;
I just love ‘love.’ I love seeing my friends in love – love seeing them honored and appreciated. So those are my favorite love stories the ones in which
the people I care for most are receiving the absolute best.

NOAH played by Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. Say what you want, but I love that movie! Here’s a man who was fun, kind, passionate, crafty, and insanely
loyal. (And very easy on the eyes!)


Laura Gomez (Filmmaker/Actress) Orange Is The New Black

Not so much “bad date,” more like no chemistry date. I didn’t necessarily go to a breakup album, but rather to specific songs that reminded me of the
person and would ironically make me feel even more nostalgic. Cuando Te Beso, Juan Luis Guerra, Negra Murguera, from Argentine band Bersuit Vergarabat,
lots of Concha Buika and Amy Winehouse (just ’cause) and old School Mecano. Mecano has a song about “how hard it’s to forget him”… I must have listened
to that song thousands of times.

The Bridges of Madison County is definitely one my favorite romantic films of all times, and you need some serious ice cream eating at that scene where
Francesca (the luminous Meryl Streep) holds the door knob and is fighting not to open it as Clint Eastwood places the necklace with the cross on the
mirror. Ufff, I always cry with that scene.

Some of my film crushes are Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Benicio del Toro and Edgar Ramirez. I guess it’s a combination of looks and their raw talent.
Absolute best.


Elise DuRant (Filmmaker) Eden

I have some favorite love story moments. One of them is in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, when he goes on a first date with Kathy played by
Patricia Arquette. They’re in this little car in the Spook House when in the middle of the ride, the lights go out. As they wait, in that silence, he turns
to her and tells her that he likes to dress as a woman, wear women’s sweaters and undergarments. She’s a little confused. She asks him if that means he
doesn’t like sex with women. “No!” he tells her, he loves sex with women. She takes it in, and after a moment she acceptingly says, “Okay.” The lights go
on, the ride starts up again, and they continue through the Spook House. It’s such a sweet moment of acceptance, the permission to be who we are. It’s so
sweet and simple and so elegantly done.

Worst date: It was a first date and after he kissed me — a sweet kiss — he told me he was trying to kick heroin.

Celebrity crush: On this Valentine’s I would have to choose Warren Oates. Tell me if you — man or woman — don’t have a crush on him after seeing him in
The Wild Bunch, Badlands, Cockfighter, and Two-Lane Blacktop.


Vivian Lamolli (Actress) East Los High

Hmm this is kind of a hard one because I’ve always managed somehow to not have a love interest on Cupid’s Day of Love! But I guess I would have to go with
8th grade, a boy named Michael gave me an empty heart box :(…he had eaten all the chocolates!!!

A very particular breakup had me crushed around the holidays, and when Kelly Clarkson came out with her album My December I couldn’t put it down. I
realized that she was going through a really difficult breakup as well when she wrote the beautiful songs and it made me even closer to the words. Kelly,
you helped me see the light girl!!!

Oooo there are just too many crushes I can’t decide!!! But, forever and always Mr. Justin Timberlake will stand the test of time for me. I mean, what can’t
he do?? I tend to have talent crushes often and Justin’s voice, dance skills, wit, and obvious gorgeous looks…well, damn God must have spent a little
more time on you JT!! Haha. Loving him since those *NSYNC platinum blonde hair days, congratulations to little miss Jessica Biel!!


Veronica Valencia (Actress) The Other Barrio

I don’t think I’ve been on a really bad date on Valentine’s, I’ve just been alone which is bad enough lol…. But the worst date?? This was a first date. I
think he was really trying to impress me but was saying all the wrong things. All he talked about was material things. Like how he had a speed boat,
Mercedes, etc… He went on to talk about how much money he made the previous year and how the current year he was going to surpass that amount. Maybe for
most women they would’ve been impressed but I never returned his call or text again. Celebrity crush? …Brad Pitt! Ever since I watched Legends of the
Fall and A River Runs Through It I fell in love with the state of Montana. In fact, the main reason why I started dating my current boyfriend was because
he was born and raised from Montana. So, I have to give Brad Pitt the credit there, Lol! I absolutely love nature. I love hiking and camping…Someday,
Montana will be my home.


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Juan Caceres
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