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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 4, Episode 4, ‘Cubbies’: A Hard Shot of Reality

Review: ‘Girls’ Season 4, Episode 4, ‘Cubbies’: A Hard Shot of Reality

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Love her or hate her? 

Mild compassion. Throughout most of the episode we followed
Hannah as she dealt with the after affects of her Lindsay Lohan-inspired rant
in Episode 3, including a hard case of writers’ block. For fleeting moments it
looked as though she was growing up and attempting to finally follow through on
one of her many, many life decisions — but then we learned that the only
reason she was even sticking it out was so that her friends and family wouldn’t
throw it in her face later. And here we were hoping for personal growth.

Another cringe-worthy

What was worse — Marnie telling Desi that his inconsolable
sobbing was a beautiful moment, or the fact that she let him stay in her bed
after learning the truth about his break-up with Clementine? Turns out her
little heart-to-heart with Ray about letting Desi treat her like garbage didn’t
help her grow stronger, it only made her play the “can’t have me yet” card.
Everyone knows that is going to come back to bite her later.

A growth spurt

Speaking of coming back to bite, Shoshanna’s bridge-burning
from last week’s job interview did indeed turn out to be a bad move, as she
learned the hard way that getting a grown up job isn’t so easy. Her subsequent
interactions with Ray were some of the episode’s most genuine, as she admitted
that she loved him and didn’t necessarily want to be back with him, but
accepted responsibility for her part in their breakup. Then again, she did make
him buy that ridiculously expensive shirt.

Bunch of barrettes

New drinking game alert: every time one of the characters
sports a sweeping side part and an oversized barrette, down the hatch it goes.
Shosh, Hannah, we’re looking at you.

How many shots to
forget that time…

Hannah’s dad suddenly acted like more of a hapless teen than

This week in

Shosh and Ray win the friendship moment of the week for
their non-window shopping day of errands, but what was more interesting was
seeing the three girls interact without Hannah. Marnie, invoking her need for
praise and confirmation, made Jessa and Shoshanna give her honest feedback
about her song but then refused to take what they were saying at face value.
“This is where I need Hannah,” she pointed out, predicting that our time in
Iowa was indeed ticking down. Also, only Marnie would ask a bartender to turn
the music down so that people could hear her song instead.  

Awkward anonymous

Hannah’s letter might not have been anonymous, but viewers
were itching to flee from that writers’ workshop as much as Hannah was, by the
time her classmates started work-shopping the letter. Every exchange between
Hannah and her peers seems designed as a venue for Lena Dunham to comment on
her own frustrations at not being able to respond to her critics without
somehow coming off even worse, and we feel her frustration at the haughtiness
of the other students. At the same time, Hannah continues to decline
responsibility for her actions, rendering her apology useless.

The kicker

Thanks to last week’s little powwow between Jessa and Adam,
we knew Adam had a gal he was seeing while Hannah was gone. Apparently he moves
even faster than we were led to believe, and his gal Mimi (Gillian Jacobs) is
now living with him. This all means that Hannah has either finally found some
material to write about, or will be forced to live on her own in a reset to the
show’s earlier days. Or go back to Iowa, but that doesn’t seem too likely given
her need to blow dodge.

Most telling quote
goes to…

“For a second I thought maybe I was getting kicked out and I
was so happy.” – Hannah, unable to see another commitment through, and looking
for excuses.

“Girls” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. Next week: Hannah and
Adam finally have an honest conversation.

Grade: B-

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